Nick Smith Presents ‘POLYTHEISM’ – The Medium of Sneaker Exploration

30.05.23 General

For many of us, sneakers have become an essential part of our cultural identity. What we wear on our feet often symbolises a common ground for many of those that share the same styles and values. For contemporary artist Nick Smith this has been the long-lasting conceptualisation. 

Coming to life through his latest body of creative work that looks to underpin the curiosity of sneaker culture. To find out more, some of the FP team took a trip down to his latest exhibition to see what gems we could spot out from the sneaker archives!  

Housed in the lively backdrop of Convent Garden, the ‘POLYTHEISM’ exhibition dives into the cultural phenomenon that is sneakers. Delving deep into the hype of collector culture, and their comparative value to faith through its devotion to inspire, and emulate those emotional connections. 

With the symbolic meaning of ‘Polytheism’ rooted in the worship of more than one God, Nick Smith’s solo embodiment of work aims to look at the loyalty and sacrifice of individuals to collect the most premium and high-heat products that the industry has got to offer.

Chronicling sneaker pastures old and new, Nick presents a grail-like catalogue of seventeen sneakers, with 10 accompanied by his pixelated style collages. Utilising custom-made colour swatches to recreate many of those ‘Hall of Fame’ shoes you know and love. Accompanied by a slew of emotive text derived from a biblical tongue, that transcends Nick’s unique calibre of work way beyond what the eyes can see. 

Championing its rich conceptual flair over two floors of the Rhodes Contemporary pop-up art gallery, POLYTHEISM was a true credit to our sneaker scene. Offering a one-of-a-kind sighting to many of those high consortium products that will continue to be admired by hand and eye for generations to come!

Take a look at our visit to the POLYTHEISM exhibition below! 

POLYTHEISM exhibition shot by Alice Holland

POLYTHEISM exhibition shot by Alice Holland

POLYTHEISM exhibition shot by Alice Holland

Nick Smith exhibition shot by Alice Holland

Nick Smith exhibition shot by Alice Holland
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Footpatrol & Stash present ‘Exhibit A’

24.11.22 General

Multifaceted artist STASH unveils his latest venture in the UK with his upcoming ‘Exhibit A’ exhibition. Unfolding decades of his versatile art style, driven through a conceptual lens that continues to push creative boundaries to the present day.  Showcasing a rich chronology of his artwork, stemming from his early involvement in the New York Graffiti movements to his burgeoning influence on the fashion scene, this exhibition takes you on a journey on through some of his most revered pieces to date. 

Taking place at London’s very own contemporary StolenSpace gallery between 26th November – 3rd December 2022, Exhibit A showcases the sheer diversity and impact of Josh Franklin, known as Stash, through his career as an artist across many mediums. His body of work lays a lasting groundwork for how art and culture have gone on to interact with products and industry. Put forth by creativity ignited by his involvement in New York City’s graffiti movement, Stash’s energy and prowess led him around the world; unlocking new landscapes, bridging gaps, and setting the table for modern commercialisation of culture.

Deep-rooted friendship is felt in the innocence and explorative nature of early projects and ideas, from sending an international shockwave through what became to be ‘streetwear culture’ with his tee shirt designs, to being the first non-athlete to collaborate with Nike on a sneaker. Stash has been a trailblazer his entire life, pushing the envelope forward and providing visual maintenance to the world around him. 

To celebrate STASH’s upcoming ‘Exhibit A’ art show in London, Footpatrol in association with Gimme5 and Thomas Rampino partners with the multi-faceted artist on a limited-edition t-shirt commemorating STASH’s creative journey and vision throughout the years.

Arriving in a cotton construction, the t-shirt features a front print of the EXHIBIT A graphic with STASH branding hallmarking the chest in the STASH blue hue. Further co-labelling adorns the back (at the neck) cementing the partnership. Sizes for the ‘Exhibit A’  T-Shirt range from M – XXL, priced at £45.

Footpatrol also teams up with STASH to produce a one-of-a-kind’ Gasmask t-shirt to commemorate our 20th-year anniversary. The design features the Footpatrol Gasmask graphic presented in a gradient fade, blended with STASH’s iconic FAT CAP pattern graphic overlay on top. Additional ’20th Anniversary’ labelling is added on the left sleeve and STASH’s tag is on the back neck.  

Coinciding with Exhibit A, Footpatrol will also be hosting an in-store signing with STASH for the launch of his new book SUBBLUEMINAL, which encapsulates his vision, journey, and projects throughout this career.  This event will be taking place on the 24th of November 2022 at 80 Berwick St, Soho, London. The book ‘SUBBLUEMINAL’ will be also available in-store and online at the Footpatrol website, priced at £50.

Every book will come complete with a bookmark and stylish tote bag as a gift with every purchase, with Stash’s South Paw Sculpture vinyl toy also available to buy in-store at Footpatrol, priced at £80.

This collaboration also includes a ‘SUBBLUEMINAL’  hoodie which further commemorates this one-of-one event. Chartered in a Dark Navy 330gm cotton/polyester blend 3-end fleece construction, this hoodie arrives with embroidered STASH labelling with printed SUBBLUEMINAL branding underneath.

The apparel collection and ‘SUBBLUEMINAL’ book are now available to shop in-store and online here!

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Ask TeamFP London | Billy 

29.09.22 General

At Footpatrol our commitment and devotion to our community has always been at the heart of everything we do. No matter the location, we are always finding ways to create that seamless experience for our consumers and there’s no way better to reach you guys  through our ASK TEAM FP platform. Holistically designed for any of your sneaker queries at a touch of a button and from the comfort of your home.  

Communication is very important to us – merging the bridge between virtual and in-store experience in a way that is friendly, personalised, and interactional. Whether it is in-depth looks on a product, in-store sizing guidance or just general styling advice, we are always looking for ways to help enhance your sneaker journey. 

With that being said, we would like to introduce our newest member of our ASK FP team, Billy, who will be the latest mastermind behind all your queries. We caught up with him to discuss his love for FP, the Soho community and his very inspiring style choices. 

FP: How long have you been working at Footpatrol for?

Billy: I’ve worked at Footpatrol for 8 months. But, it feels like so much longer thanks to the lovely team.

FP: What do you like about working for Footpatrol/ being a part of the FP community?

Billy: Footpatrol is a hub for the sneaker community and that’s the pure beauty of it, meeting enthusiasts of the product or just friends in the store.

FP: How would you describe your style in three words?

Billy: Plain. White. T 

FP: Soho is a very lively society with cultural influence. What does Soho mean to you?

Billy: Soho is the heart of London in my opinion. It’s a special place to me as I’d travel and see my Dad here a lot when I was younger and he would take me to all these favourite spots in Soho, they always just have their own character and that’s why they belong here.

FP: Where are your top three places to visit in Soho?

Bruno’s – for a good breakfast 

Soderberg – for a cinnamon bun and coffee 

MacCulloch & Wallis -for all your fabric and haberdashery needs 

FP: What is your favourite shoe of all time?

Billy: Gotta to be the Acronym x Lunar Force 1 in all white. If I could have access to more pairs I would never wear another shoe.

FP: What would you say are your top three releases this year?


1. Salehe Bembury x Crocs Clog

2. Air Max 95 ‘Ironstone’

3. New Balance x DSM 40th Anniversary

But in all honesty, the best 3 releases this year are yet to come and I think you know which retailer is giving you them.

FP: How would you describe your music taste? Any favourite artists or songs on rotation at the moment?

Billy: My music taste is pretty uninspiring right now as I’m just stuck on podcasts. ( Brydon & Wolf and Off Menu) Back to music, it’s either Prince or CASIDEAD 

FP: As you know that it is the 20th anniversary of Footpatrol, what is it like being a part of the team on such a big landmark year?

Billy: As always it’s a pleasure, the team knows how important this year is and I think the products we’re putting out are proof of how far we’ve come and have yet to go!

FP: What does great customer service mean to you? 

Billy: It’s simple, manners and being eager to educate others on the products you have. The service is what seals the deal on a product like ours and is why we are happy to help.

FP: Can you explain the benefits for Ask Team FP service?

Billy: The Team FP service is a great opportunity for customers to get to know the shop staff. Service and knowledge is key when looking for desirable and exclusive products and that’s what we can provide.

FP: To finish off, is there anything that you would like to share with the Footpatrol community?
Billy: As we celebrate this 20th anniversary we want everyone involved as that’s what has gotten us to where we are. So please come celebrate with us, if you’re in Soho, come pop in for a chat.

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Sneaker Cleaning Table | London Design Festival with Jason Markk

15.09.22 General

We are always looking for ways to deliver something innovative to our sneaker audience, having previously teased the upcoming release of our bespoke range of homeware goods , we thought it was only right we share with you the final reveal …

Introducing Footpatrol’s own sneaker cleaning table. In conjunction with our 20th anniversary we joined creative forces with premium sneaker brand Jason Markk and London-based duo design practice MENSTEN. Creating an authentic cleaning station that is multifunctional ,storable and incredibly versatile.

We also worked closely with East London’s very own ceramicist E.P.C and North London’s Upholstery start up, Studio Swade on a collection of homeware pieces to complement this authentic sneaker cleaning process. 

Integrating style with seamless functionality, the Sneaker Cleaning Table is crafted from ash timber construction featuring a reversible top surface that features an aluminium sheet to clean your sneakers on. This solution not only preserves the ash timber material top, but also grants access to the dual cabinet- style storage space – keeping your sneaker cleaning products stored away safely. 

More than just a generic piece of furniture, our multi-purpose table is not only a product fit for cleaning your sneakers on, but doubles up as a designated creative workspace and also provides storage space for any of your keepsake items.

The Footpatrol and Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning Table will be on display as part of a special installation at Footpatrol London for this years London Design Festival from the 17th – 25th September. Please note Footpatrol London will be closed on Monday 19th September.

To celebrate this partnership we have limited spaces available for a Jason Markk Sneaker Cleaning drop-off service which you can book a reservation for via the sign up form below:

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Mizuno ‘Deserts Meditations’ Pack | Now Available!

28.07.22 General

Deriving from a history of free flowing and conceptual awareness, Mizuno has always been a sports brand that manifests its athletic ability and spiritual consciousness within the sneaker industry. This concept continues to prevail with their latest release of the ‘Deserts Meditations’ pack. Brimming with enthusiasm and subverting the dreary and uniform meaning of the desert landscape, this collection serves tranquillity from its core. 

Chronicling the abstract dreams of the desert, the collection serves an abundance of muted hues that works its way through the upper crafted in soft cuts of suede and breezy mesh underlays that adds that extra element of ventilation. High tech soles form the groundwork – keeping comfort and durability to a maximum. Comprising three of Mizuno’s most innovative models: The Wave Mujin TL, The Wave Rider 10 & the Wave Prophecy LS, the collection seeks to deliver sleek sophistication this season. 

The ‘Mizuno Deserts Mediations’ pack is now available to shop online here

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Converse x A-Cold-Wall Aeon CX | Now Available!

11.05.22 General

Unlike any of Converse’s early predecessors, their latest partnering with A-Cold-Wall on a distinct recreation of the Aeon CX is fluid in bespoke style language and enhanced performance – focussing on the unique sociographic aspects of life.  Adopting intrinsic elements of streetwear paired with unrivalled athletic performance, this season unveils another footwear guise that follows its own stylistic narrative.

It is not the first line of collaborations we have seen of Samuel Ross’ conceptual streetwear giant. I’m sure you’ll remember the Zoom Vomero 5 for its exaggerated heel piece. Or perhaps the release of the terrain inspired boot with footwear brand ROA this year.

This Aeon CX iteration is readied in a mixed nylon ripstop and poly elastane base offering a stretchy and hugging element to the foot. Bold tones of black coat this perforated design paired with alternate pull tabs on the tongue and one that sits above the translucent heel clips. Co-branding insignias lie on the lateral heel, midfoot, sidewall and toe cap, while a plush CX foam envelopes the footbed – delivering unbeatable comfort with every wear. Hints of neon green embellishes the outsole and a lugged crater foam midsole completes the look with a cloud-like stride with every step.

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WMNS Air Jordan 11 Low ‘Pure Violet’ with Tinu Bello, Colour Riot Nails

29.04.22 General

Coveted, fresh and unconventional, the standout guise within the Jordan lineage opts for a summer refresh this season. Championing over 25 years of rich history, intrinsic design and patent detailing, the Jordan 11 is simply unrivalled. The fit now returns – full-fledged and on-fleek for its debut of the ‘Pure Violet’ iteration. 

To celebrate the shoe’s inaugural release, we thought we would take a trip down Shoreditch to visit independent and black owned nail business Colour Riot Nails. Where we had the pleasure of meeting  owner Tinu, who kindly sat down with us to discuss the motivations behind her nail start up and what it is like to be a black owned business slaying it in the nail game. 

Footpatrol: Hi Tinu, before we get into everything, how are you ?

Tinu: I am very good thank you ! 

FP: Could you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

Tinu: My name is Tinu, and I am the owner and founder of Colour Riot nails. I am also a session manicurist signed to One Represent. 

FP: When was the first time you had realised you had a love for doing nails and  wanted to become a manicurist?

Tinu: To pinpoint an exact time, I would say midway through my beauty therapy course my teacher Peter pulled me aside and he was like you’re really good at this, you have to do it! Then he put me on a nail course and the rest is history. 

FP: You are director of Colour Riot Nails, could you tell us a little bit about the motivation behind running your own store?

Tinu: My child, my son. I would have to say that was my first motivation. I just wanted time with him, I wanted to drop him to school to pick him up and be there when he’s home and just spend time with him. The only way forward was just to start working for myself. That was definitely one of my biggest motivations. 

FP: You mention that you have a celebrity clientele of the likes of Jorja Smith, Rita Ora and Ellie Goulding as well as designing nails for House of Holland and Markus Lupfer shows –  what was it like to have the opportunity to work with these brands and people?

Tinu: It felt very surreal because essentially I started assisting in fashion and through fashion week and it went to like your the lead manicurist and I was like what the f**k! But it was very very surreal, amazing at the same time I felt very honoured that they had chosen me to head their shows. It’s a good experience as well. 

FP: As you know the nail and beauty industry is very oversaturated , how does Colour Riot stay relevant in this new climate after Covid?

Tinu: By not thinking about it, I just feel everyone has their own path and mine is mine. I just don’t think about what’s out there and what I have now. If you start worrying about that you start to put what you’re doing on a backburner. 

FP: If there was any, what challenges did you face first starting out  as a manicurist? 

Tinu: So many! I mean, the beauty industry is, as you said, saturated but it is also not very diverse, especially being a business owner in the beauty industry and also being a session manicurist. That was one of the biggest challenges I had to face , being a black nail tech and that not being the most popular option. I was given so many opportunities , it was hard to get my foot through the door session wise. That was the biggest one. Now that I am here , it’s all good. 

FP: What advice would you give to people starting out in the beauty industry ?

Tinu: Practise , don’t shy away from training, make sure you take your training seriously and after that I would just say practise, practise, practise.

FP: To finish off we would like to thank you so much for the interview! Is there anything you would like to share with the Footpatrol friends and family? A message of positivity, whatever you like.

Tinu: I would say just keep doing what you are doing, I think it is so amazing that you are helping shed light on small businesses, you know, thinking about us because we are always the last priority in everything. To have such an amazing brand like Footpatrol think of us and want to highlight us , I think it’s an amazing thing so keep doing that . Thank you so much, I appreciate it ! 

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Nike Air Trainer 1 ‘Honeydew’ | Now Available!

13.04.22 General

Birthed out of the necessity for a multifunctional shoe that breathed individual style and function. Hatfield’s Nike Air Trainer 1 was one that satisfied his own imagination – curating a sneaker that would serve as inaugural cross-trainer at the gym. Hallmarked for its extroverted colour iterations, stabilised lateral outrigger and a lockdown feel, occupying a retail space between the quintessential b-ball fit and runner – truly unmistakable and rebellious in nature solidifying its cult-like status amongst many different people.  From all kinds of crafts, interests and walks of life – building a unique synergy between gym goers, tennis court enthusiasts, b-ball players and runners.

Over the years, the Nike Air Trainer has boasted a lengthy roster of eclectic collabs. I am sure you’ll remember the legendary and hi-vis accented ‘112’ pack with DJ Clark Kent, the Fragment open/chino iteration to the early HUF ‘Gold Digger’ collab – it is a trainer that never fails to make a stylistic impression. 

The latest Nike Air Trainer gets the ‘Light Smoke Grey/ Honeydew’ upgrade. Opting for a synthetic leather upper coated in a mixed tonal hue of grey and blues, while accents of ‘Honeydew’ complements the collar, Swoosh branding and midsole. Airy mesh underlays on the sidewalls and perforations on the toe vamp keeps things breathable paired with iridescent detailing throughout. 

A signature midfoot strap is situated across the lace chamber – ensuring a snug and customisable fit. What’s more, a plush insole unit delivers unrivalled cushioning and a lateral outrigger enhances performance. Underfoot, the rubber outsole features multi-directional tread – the durable must-have this season. 

The Nike Air Trainer 1 ‘Honeydew’ is now available to shop in-store and online!

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