Tancrède Mallet | Capture Your City with Footpatrol & Vault By Vans

For our World Photography Competition in collaboration with Vault by Vans, we highlight our in-house photographers who take us through their love of photography, their favourite projects and their dream photoshoots… Kicking things off with Tancrède Mallet.

We have extended the deadline of our World Photography Competition in collaboration with Vault by Vans, until Friday 30th September.

Footpatrol: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role within Footpatrol?

Tancrède: Hi My name is Tancrède, yeah it’s my real name… I’m 24 and I’m a creative photographer for Footpatrol Paris.

FP: What first drew you to the world of photography?

Tancrède: My parents always had a passion for photography whenever we went on vacation or small punctual family trips they were always bringing a camera with us, so pretty much since I was born I was with a camera in hands playing with those early shitty digital olympus. But it was only in 2015, that I ended up properly shooting. I really wanted to understand the process between the press of a button and the final picture. So I borrowed my mom’s first film camera that she had as a graduation gift and like that I learned through books and on field testing, the “magic” behind photography. And ever since I never stopped taking photos. 

FP: How do you visually express yourself via photography?

Tancrède: I’m easily bored of my work and always up to test new things whether it’s gear or subjects related. So I wouldn’t say that I have one particular approach, but from what I know the only things that never bore me are seashores and portraits. It’s been years and I’m still trying to find my “aesthetic” but I’m getting closer, I know it.

FP: What would you class as your dream photoshoot? 

Tancrède: I don’t have a “dream photoshoot” but I definitely would love to build a serie about the seashore across the world and their people.

FP: Tell us about your camera set up, do you have anything on your wishlist?

Tancrède: Over the years I’ve accumulated several cameras on the film side of things : Canon Ftb, Olympus Mju ii and the famous Leica M6 (I know I will have ennemies, but trust me it’s not worth the price). But My one true love is the Canon EOS 1N that shares the same EF lenses of my digital camera the Canon 5DS. My wishlist if I had an unlimited budget would be the Mamiya 7 ii or RZ67 on the film side because I’m dreaming of switching to Medium format. And on the digital side it would be the Hasselblad H6D because you can choose between a film or digital back, A.K.A the dream right ?. 

Footpatrol: What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on, Footpatrol or not? 

Tancrède: I have joined Footpatrol for less than a year now so I don’t have a favourite FP project that I led but I’m looking for it. For now, my favorite project was my internship at SHOES-UP a French magazine where I had the chance to make my firsts professional shootings and do my first magazine cover which was a huge accomplishment at 20 years old. 

FP: Quick fire question… digital or film?

Tancrède: Would be film, definitely film over digital, because that’s what I started with and it’s closer to the original process of photography. Also I like the fact that you are actually focussing on taking pictures and not on the result !!

FP: How do you think this opportunity with Vans and Footpatrol helps the next generation? 

Tancrède: I’m glad that we could take this opportunity to use our channel to put people forward and encourage them to show their work that is sometimes kept secret ! We are all the sum of our influence in the end and if we can give inspiration or courage to other people it’s a win at the end of the day. 

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