Studio Swade | London Design Festival with Jason Markk

Unveiling another spectacle of our homeware creations for our 20th anniversary, we thought that there would be nothing more complimentary than a sustainable bit of upholstery to crown our cleaning bench station. Reaching out to North London’s very own upholstery space – Studio Swade – that turned our creative vision into a craftsmanship reality.

With the conscious efforts of upcycling old vintage homeware for creating a sustainably viable future for our planet and furniture. Studio Swade is an upholstery workshop run by creative mastermind Beth who integrates her passion for tools and woodwork with her love of sewing to create bespoke pieces of furniture.  

Putting Beth’s impressive artisanal skills to the test, Footpatrol tasked Studio Swade her to create a bespoke knee cushion that could be used when sneaker cleaning at the table that also fits harmoniously in the sneaker cleaning table compartment/s. The cushion is predominantly composed of Calico fabric construction, with Hessian material used on the base of the cushion for added durability.

Come down to Footpatrol London this London Design Festival to see what we’ve been working on!

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