E.P.C. Studio | London Design Festival with Jason Markk

Continuing our relentless slew of homeware products that celebrates our 20th anniversary here at Footpatrol we thought we would delve into another spectrum of the art world . This time teaming up with London based ceramics studio E.P.C. to create a range of timeless stoneware pieces that we are so excited to share with you. Not only is it the perfect keepsake item to your ornament collection it is yet another relational piece to our exclusive sneaker cleaning bench.

A bespoke start-up by artist and ceramicist Emily Procotor, E.P.C is an authentic ceramic studio based in Hoxton, London. Utilising coarse stoneware and natural earth tones to make simple and imperfect shapes that accentuates the handmade nature of objects. Her rustic and real approach to her artwork makes her the perfect choice to produce bespoke earthenware to complement the sneaker cleaning table.

The brief provided for E.P.C was to design a ceramic bowl that served as multi-purpose item and could be used to aid the sneaker cleaning process. To accompany the bowl, Footpatrol also asked E.P.C to design and produce a bottle that could hold the cleaning solution – creating timeless, long-lasting ornaments for those who appreciate design in all its forms and take pride in cleaning their sneakers.

Come down to Footpatrol London this London Design Festival to see what we’ve been working on!

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