Mentsen | London Design Festival with Jason Markk

Fostering a culture of premium sneaker aftercare products, Jason Markk has had its feet burrowed into sneaker culture since 2007. A bespoke shoe care brand based in the heart of Los Angeles; their aim was to create natural, biodegradable solutions to sneaker cleaning process. The Jason Markk journey began with their first product – a Premium Shoe Cleaner, to them quickly expanding their product offering to items like the Quick Cleaning Wipes and Repel sprays. Jason Markk has built a reputable name for itself through a prestigious list of clients, with their premium products being stocked in 5,000 stores worldwide.

With our 20th anniversary in full force we wanted to up the ante a little… Delivering something a bit more bespoke to you – our community that has supported us over the years. With sneaker culture deeply etched into our identity, we know it is not always easy to get your hands on the trainers you want and love, and for the lucky ones that do manage to get the latest releases, that pair becomes a prized possession. Therefore, we want to offer a unique solution to keep your high heat kicks clean at home. Working with multifaceted design studio MENTSEN, we wanted to bring the cleaning experience to life with a FP exclusive Bench that is versatile, multifunctional, storable and what could be the ideal spot for your sneaker cleaning station. 

MENTSEN is a London-based design practice and partnership between designers Yasuyuki and Risa Sano. Established in 2011, MENTSEN’s aim is to unveil a relentless number of possibilities for design that is authentic, synthesises clarity and thoughtfulness at the heart of everything they do. The name ‘MENTSEN’ resides from the Japanese meaning of ‘surfaces and lines’ that pays continuous ode to their fine craftsmanship.

Footpatrol challenged MENTSEN to incorporate a design that preserved the top surface when cleaning your sneakers. MENTSEN’s solution was to create a reversible plane on the top surface that featured an aluminium sheet to clean your sneakers on. This solution not only preserved the ash timber material surface top, but also granted access to the dual cabinet-style storage space within the table – the perfect place to keep your sneaker cleaning products stored safely.

Come down to Footpatrol London this London Design Festival to see what we’ve been working on!

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