Footpatrol & Stash present ‘Exhibit A’ | Exhibition Walkthrough

With ‘Exhibit A’ now in full swing until Saturday 3rd December, please take a look below at a digital walkthrough of the exhibition and the things you can expect to see. With a whole host of exclusives, samples and never before seen documents, this archival document of Stashs’ work provides a real insight into the history of street culture.

Area 1

MTA Subway Map Painting ‘Lafayette’
Medicom Kubrick x Stash Box Art Poster
Medicom Kubrick x Stash 1000%
Medicom Be@rbrick 1000% Stash x Lafayette

Area 2
Nort x Kobe Nike Tee
Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 ‘Nort’ Sample
Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 ‘Nort’ Signed
Kobe Documents

Area 3

Nike Air Force 1 High L/M LDN
Nike Air Force 1 High L/M Sample
Nike LDN Packaging
Nike Air Force 1 PRM ’07 PRTY ‘One Night Only’
Nike Air Force 1 Fat Cap Black *Sample
Nike Zoom Force 1 Fat Cap Black
Nike Air Force 1 High 3M  Sample
Nike Air Force 1 High 3M *Production Sample

Nike Air Max BW ‘Artist Seires – Stash’
Nike Air Max BW ‘Artist Seires – Stash’ Sample
Nike Air Max 95 ‘STASH’
Nike Air Max 95 ‘STASH’ Sample
Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium IO ‘STASH’
Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium IO ‘STASH’ F&F
Nike Zoom Spiridon ’16/STASH
Nike Zoom Spiridon ’16/STASH Sample
Nike Zoom Spiridon ’16/STASH Sample

Nort flyers and paperwork
4 Recon pouches
Training pad wallet
2 Chenille patches
Fat Cap swatch
Stance x Stash Sample
Keychains assortment
3 Apple iPods
Nike CD
Nort Shopping Tote
Nort ‘Blue Pack’ Tee
Nike Air Promo Tee ‘BW Release’
Nike Air Max 95 ‘STASH’ Baby Sample
Nike Air Force 1 Low Premium IO ‘STASH’ Baby Sample
Nike Air Force 1 PRTY *Baby
recon stash toy sample
Recon Stash toy
Tron Game Console

Area 4

Yeenjoy Studio x Stash Spray Can Incense Chamber F&F 
SilentStage Resin Spray Can
Medicom Wooden Cans (2)
Bape x Stash Cans (4)
Vintage cans (2)
Gshock x Stash
Spray Candles (2)
Medicom can sculpture
Bape x Stash big can

Coleman x Medicom x Stash lamp
Cap Dispenser Sculpture
Silver Southpaw
Nozzle Metal
Train Tape
PD Mug
Training Tag Tape
3D Printed Can

Area 5

NFS Training Pad
London Tube Maps
Training Pad Sleeve
Clothing Brand Tags
Original Documents with Flyer for Contents Under Pressure
Recon Tee
Recon Jeans
Stash for Supreme Tee
Mad Hectic Tee
Contents Under Pressure Tee
Hectic sculpture
Recon Printed Bandana (2)
Subware mouse pad
PD Zippo Knife
Subware Token Belt
Subware Token Belt Mold
Recon Clock
Assorted keychains, pins, accessories
Medicom Fabrik x Stash x Coleman Bottle Cooler
Medicom Fabrik Stash Bike Chain
Hysteric Mini Anniversary Necklace
Gravis iPod case

Nike Air Zoom Talaria ‘Nort’ Hyperstrike
Nike Air Zoom Talaria ’16 ‘Stash’ Sample
Nike AF-X Black
Nike AF-X Olive
Nike Dunk Low ‘ID’
Nike Dunk Low ‘Colette – Tools of the Trade’
Nike Dunk Seamless Laser
Nike Paul Rodriguez Zoom Air Elite ‘Stash’ Signed
Nike Air Max BW STASH *Alternate Sample 1
Nike Air Max BW STASH *Alternate Sample 2
Nike Air Max BW STASH *Alternate Sample 3
Nike Dunk High ‘Hawaii 5-0’

Area 6 & 7

Rust-oleum Tee Signed
Phillies Blunt Long Sleeve Tee
Bape ‘Command Z’ Tee
NFC ‘Circle Graf’ Tee
Subware ‘S_ ‘Tee
Undercover x Stash Tee
Stash for Bape First Tee
Subware ‘Turning Styles’ Tee
MC Serch Tee
Stash for Bape Tee (MC Serch inspired)
Subware Crewneck
Kyrlon Tee (Hand-printed)
Stash Piece on tee

Sketch set pictured
Nike HH Stash Tee 1
Nike HH Stash Tee 2
Nike HH Stash Tee 3
Fabrik x Stash wallets (2)
Subware Pouch
NFC First Hat
Phillies Blunts OG hat
Subware Hat
Nokia Phone
Ericson Phone
Gshock Mr G
Casio SL-410
Nike Watches (3)
Seiko Multilingual Translator and World Time
Medicom Be@rbrick 100% ‘Ariel’
Casio QV10
Fuji Battery Charger
Leica D-Lux 1
Gshock Iconography of the Spraycan Movement LDN
Personal Cassette
Stash Piece Tee
Stash x Futura First Tee
Phillies Blunts Beanie
Physical files

Area 8

Medicom Be@rbrick 400% Nort
Medicom Be@rbrick  400% Levi
Medicom Be@rbrick 400% Fat Cap
Medicom Be@rbrick 400% Blue Fat Caps 
Medicom Kubrick 400% Prototype Nozzle
Medicom Kubrick 400% Stash
Medicom Kubrick 400% Prototype
Medicom Kubrick 400% Recon Red + logo
Medicom Be@rbrick 100% Green 100%
Medicom Kubrick Green 100%
Medicom Kubrick Silver 100% Custom
Medicom Kubrick Nozzle Prototype Clear 100%
Medicom Kubrick Recon Red 100%
Medicom Red logo
Medicom Green logo
Medicom Kubrick Colette 100%
Medicom Kubrick Recon x Relax 100%
Medicom Kubrick x Stash 100%
Medicom Kubrick Nozzle Prototype Color 100%
Medicom Kubrick Nozzle Silver 100%
Medicom Be@rbrick Bape x Stash 100%
Medicom Be@rbrick Stash 70% keychain

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