re.GENERATION – Powered by FOOTPATROL | Workshop 1, Copy Writing

The written word is often overlooked when thinking of the creative industries. But copy – the written material that conveys an idea – is a key element of nearly every project or campaign.

Led by poet, copywriter and SNKRS Live host Will Stowe, this workshop will open up the specialised field of copy to show that when it comes to ideas, often less is more. This isn’t about paragraphs of long-form copy: what we’re aiming for is the ability to communicate an idea in an impactful way.

Attendees will be guided to create a slogan on the theme of ‘change’, using just a handful of words to get across a big idea.

To be in with a chance of attending Workshop 1 with us and Will Stowe, you can sign up to attend by CLICKING HERE!

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