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re.GENERATION – powered by FOOTPATROL is a series of workshops designed to lift the lid on the creative industry and pass on knowledge to the next generation. Aiming to open up access to those who’ve missed out on formal training, the workshops will help attendees form their own creative practice by showing them how to turn ideas into reality.

Led by respected industry figures from the Footpatrol community who’ve done things their own way, and using a mix of personal insights and hands-on experience, the workshops will provide attendees with a toolkit of techniques, contacts and real-world knowledge to kickstart or enhance their creative endeavours.

The workshop series will cover four key areas in the life cycle of a creative campaign, culminating in the launch of a Footpatrol Communi-T t-shirt. Workshop 1 covers copywriting, using the written word to convey an idea on the theme of ‘change’. Workshop 2 will use these ideas to create graphic images, a selection of which will then be screen printed onto t-shirts in Workshop 3. In Workshop 4, creative campaigns will be conceptualised for a shortlist of the best tee designs, with the winning t-shirt and campaign concept ultimately brought to life as the next Footpatrol Communi-T release.

Would-be participants can apply for a place in one workshop each, and must be able to attend a London location on the relevant date(s). Places for each workshop are limited, but printed and digital zines will be available after each event to share the process and insights with anyone who’s unable to attend.

To share your interest in attending workshop 2: Image Making which will be hosted by Mark Ward, please head over to our latest blog piece here and fill in the sign up form.

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