Frequent Players Guest Mix 042 | Rixon D

01.06.23 Frequent Players

For our next Frequent Players guest mix, we pay a visit to frequent Balamii Radio and Apron Records host, Rixon D. One we’ve had our eye on for a while, Rixon D is well known for spinning experimental beats to RnB with a perfect blend.

Footpatrol: Hi Sam, we hope you’re good? Firstly, thanks for letting us come and talk to you today. Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you do?

Rixon D: Hey FP crew, all good thanks! I am a DJ and have been doing so for about 6ish years and have a monthly show on Balamii Radio. Alongside that I work with the Apron Records family.

FP: We also know you did a stint on Berwick St, not too far from us, can you tell us more about this and your connection to Footpatrol?

RD: I did, a while back now! I worked a few doors down from Footpatrol so I was a regular at the store.

FP: Onto the music, how, when and where did this all start?

RD: As mentioned, I began getting into DJing about 6 or so years ago and started shadowing various DJ mates of mine and eventually jumping on their shows which ended up with my own residency on Balamii. Shout out to The Spot, Shy One, ChloeDees and Dubious Doobies to name a few!

FP: A few genres seem to frequent your mixes, from RnB and House to Techno and Broken Beat, would you say these are personal favorites?

RD: Yeah for sure! over lockdown I did pick up a secondary show also on Balamii where I explored more Jazz/Ambient/Soulful music but after things reopened I chose to continue with regular programing on my OG show which if you know is more Techno, House and dance floor based which is definitely my favorite to spin. 

FP: You’ve had many guests featured on your show, who would be your dream guests to have on in the future?

RD: Damn that’s a good question… Hmm, I’d have to say probably Larry Heard and Omar S are two I would love to have on.. Who knows!

FP: How would you describe the connection between sneaker culture and the music scene?

RD: The two have always been interlinked in my mind. If you look at dancefloors around London and beyond you will always see certain models of sneakers at a certain type of party and it is not a coincidence.

FP: If YOU were a sneaker, what would you be?

RD: Ouff, it’s too tough! I would have to say an Air Jordan 3, Air Jordan 4 or Nike TN.

FP: We know you host mixes on Balamii and with Apron Records, are there any live sets we can see you at soon?

RD: We (Apron Records) will be hosting monthly parties at the Haggerston on the last Saturday of every month starting in June! Keep your eyes peeled on the socials for other parties and info too!

FP: Thank you for taking the time to chat to us! Are there any words of wisdom or shoutouts you would like to make? The floor is yours!

RD: Thanks for having me! For any DJs starting out in the game I would recommend finding your own lane and sticking to it because a point of difference is key. Also, shout out to everyone who has been listening to the shows and coming to the parties over the years, there is more to come!

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