Earl Jeffers & Ral Duke “HIGHER” Capsule | Now Available!

Footpatrol is located in the musical hub of Central London. Surrounded by a number of renowned record shops all in which have played an integral part of music culture in the UK. 

Int’l Record store day is a celebration that we love to get behind at Footpatrol. Whether it’s supporting our local Record stores, hosting events or working with both emerging and established talent, Int’l Record Store day is an important celebration of music that reminds us of how it once was all before the time of the digital switch over. 

For this year’s celebrations we wanted to do something a bit more special. We were introduced to two talented co-workers that have both been making moves within the music scene. We linked up with DJ/Producer Earl Jeffers and the artistically creative graphic designer, Ral Duke. Making his waves in House music Earl has been known for bringing the life of the party to the party with his extensive selection of tracks he brings to his mixes. Ral Duke on the other hand, has been producing album artworks for artists such as Westside Gunn & Grizelda Records and Ghostface (to name a few),  making his mark in the industry with his creatively put motifs and graphics. 

We had Earl Jeffers and Ral Duke do what they do best and produce for us a two-piece collection featuring a hoodie and tee with graphics designed and pieced together by Ral Duke. To add the cherry on top we didn’t want to stop there, to coincide with the launch of his project HIGHER EP, Earl Jeffers has kindly supplied us with some vinyl copies of his latest release to give away free with any purchase made from this Record Store Day collection. So don’t sleep on this drop because you aren’t going to want to miss out..! 

The “HIGHER” capsule will launch in-store exclusively at Footpatrol London & online (available online from 8:00AM) on Saturday 17th July to coincide with Drop 2 of Int’l Record Store Day. Sizes range from S- XXL with prices between £35 – £55. All in-store purchases of the apparel will include a free copy of the “HIGHER” EP Vinyl (available whilst stocks last). 

To read out interview with Earl Jeffers and Ral Duke click HERE.

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