New Balance M990VS2 with House of St Barnabas | Now Available!

Following on from the launch of the 990VS1 we continue our story with the House of St.Barnabas. This time with CEO Rosie Ferguson wearing the 990VS2.

We spoke with Rosie to find out more about what brought her to join this hugely important mission that the Soho based charity is so set out to achieve. 

Over the years the 990 has stood the ultimate test of time and changes in trend, whilst maintaining its permanent place within the sneaker market. The House of St.Barnabas follows that same journey. Having had the building erected in the 1700s. The build has hardly changed but simply modified within its interior, similarly to the way the 990 has been updated to keep it current and fresh to its community members. 

Rosie joined the House in 2019. Since arriving, she has made it her mission to break the cycle of homelessness in order to give everyone an equal and fair opportunity to make their own mark in the world. Read below to find out more about Rosie’s Journey. 

If you would like to support the House of St.Barnabas, or even become a member. Click HERE

The New Balance 990VS2 will be launching on Friday 16th July, sizes range from UK4.5 – UK12.5, priced at £200.

Footpatrol Meet: Rosie Ferguson CEO of HOSB

How did your journey begin with HOSB?

I came to the house in the summer of 2019. I’d been Chief Exec at 2 other organisations before, one working with young people and the other working with single parents. In both of those groups it’s about communities that feel that they have been written off by society, but in reality they have so much still to give! I felt the same about the clients that worked in the House, it was the same feeling of being written off from the world but still had so much left to give.

Was there a specific reason behind wanting to work for HOSB?

Everything about the House is fantastic! For me, there are so many services for people that have experienced homelessness are really clinical and institutional. When a participant walks into the House, no matter their experiences. They have the opportunity to feel dignity and a right to be here. It’s such a special building and everyone should have the right to feel like they belong somewhere which is welcoming, special, inclusive and where they can show their pride in being the best they can be. That’s what it’s all about at the House of St.Barnabas.

Could you tell us in a bit more depth what your role is within the House?

I am the Chief Executive here. My role is to make sure that we bring the whole House together to maximise the difference we can make for people. We have a members club, programs to support people that are experiencing homelessness and help them get work. For me, it works best when the whole community really fuels that impact in terms of supporting those individuals. Making sure that our voice and influence aren’t just heard by those who need the support, but also by those who can help us break the cycle of homelessness on a bigger scale. My role really is about maximising the difference we can make and making sure that this is a fun, brilliant and inclusive place for anyone that visits. 

What about the involvement with members. Could you tell us a bit about that?

Our members actually have the opportunity to be mentors if they want to, we even do call outs to members for jobs for some of our graduates when they have a specific interest. For example, something like landscaping. We would look to see if anyone knows any landscapers who can bring them in. We love it when we can get out members to talk about the House and bring other members along to share that story. There are also events and other ativations that we host here for members to come along. 

I can imagine the members enjoy that quite a lot!

Yeah absolutely! We also love those members who just want to come here for fun. However people want to be a part of the community they are always welcome here. There is a really nice mix of people who come to enjoy themselves, as well as engage with what we do. 

What makes the HOSB mission so important?

It’s all about breaking the cycle of homelessness for people in the long term. It’s not about getting people to a place where they are in a hostel and they are struggling or have a job but are low paid. We want to get people to a point that they have a secure home, a job that pays a decent salary that gives them the confidence and the lifestyle they want. On top of that we have a network of a community here that is there to support them and that’s what genuinely stops people from being at risk of homelessness, rather than giving them the minimum where they still feel a bit fragile. That’s what makes the House of St.Barnabas so exciting is that we are really there for people to be the best selves they can be and stick with them until their lives are in place rather than just ticking a box because they have a job or home. 

If there was one thing you would say to people to help further encourage their support what would it be?

Please become a member! Come along to an event, look at the website we are available for parties and for hire. We are here to break the cycle of homelessness, but the way we do that is by one cocktail at a time. We want people to come and enjoy themselves and make a difference while they are doing it. 

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