WMNS Nike Dunk Low ‘Ocean’ | Draws Now Closed!

10.05.22 General

With a multitude of collaborations and inline specials, the Nike Dunks return a few years back met it with unrivalled amounts of fan fare that meant any iteration was a must have. With that hype having not died down and the need and want for the Dunk silhouette still apparent, Nike continue to deliver the goods with new and intriguing inline renditions of the fan favourite.

Often taking influence from those things that surround us, this time they look towards the worlds oceans. Inspired by their movements the ‘Bright Spruce’ leather upper features a textured finish that mimics the oceans waves on a calm day.

Take a closer look below and make sure to get your entries in for the in-store and online draws for your chance to purchase this sure to be summer favourite.


The London in-store draw is now closed!

All online draws are now housed over on the Footpatrol Launches App, CLICK HERE to download!

To enter, you’re required to sign up via the above forms, these WON’T be available in-store to sign up on. 

In-store winners will be contacted via email informing them of their win. Within this email, winners will be given a set of dates in which they must collect their win from our London store. To collect, you will need to provide the winning email and a valid photographic government ID matching the winners name. NO ONE can collect on the winners behalf. Failure to provide this, or failure to collect within the given dates will mean failure to purchase your win.

To sign up to the Online raffle, you will need to download the Footpatrol Launches app and complete a pre-authorisation payment of the retail price of the product plus shipping costs. This will be held until raffle completion. Those successful will have their raffle win posted out to the address entered during sign up. Those unsuccessful will see a return of their funds, this can take up to 5 working days from when the winners have been drawn. The raffle is limited to one entry per household! Multiple entries will be cancelled!

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Bene Culture x Footpatrol | Now Available!

26.04.22 Launches

An eclectic Birmingham based fashion start up in 2016, Bene Culture is more than a subcultural fashion brand, it internalises a diverse community that has become a wide part of their inclusive journey and youthful narrative. From a vintage store to a multi-brand retailer, Bene Culture utilises their unique roster of apparel and accessories creating a sense of space and acceptance for marginalised audiences. Focussing on a wide range of designs that are forward thinking, stylistically innovative and a true emblem to their community. 

Transforming their physical and digital space into a mecca of budding creatives, has proved the credible way that Bene Culture has connected with its streetwear audience. Hosting over 40 events, from brand pop ups, concerts, exhibitions to listening sessions. Bene Culture is an inaugural fit with Footpatrol due to its vision to do more than sell apparel, becoming a larger part of a society that continues to inspire the masses.   

At Footpatrol we have had the pleasure of teaming up with Bene Culture on a space inspired range – one that nods to creatives namely Anna Mills and Stewart Armstrong who have worked with a lengthy catalogue of brands; Blacksmith Store, Axel Arigato, Eytys and many more. To kickstart this exciting collaboration as a true sentiment to our own streetwear community here at Footpatrol, we have created a range of t-shirts, a hoodie and beanie iteration that we think you’ll love. 

Our invigorating range of t-shirts come in three lively iterations: ‘Explore’, ‘Celestial’ and ‘Reflections’ all previewed in plush cotton body with space-themed graphic printed on the front and reverse, available in a range of futuristic colour hues (purple, green and pink). The fits are rounded off with a hem stitched detailing.

The FP x Bene Culture Explore hoodie is a stylistic standout, opting for a blacked cotton and recycled polyester mix, adorned with blue spaced-theme lettering on the front, a classic drawstring hood and kangaroo pocket. Plus, the elasticated waistband and cuffs completes this fitted look. 

Finalising our range is the beanie, constructed from a plush knitted body embossed with geometric Footpatrol and Bene Culture branding throughout – dressed in a pink hue.

Shop the Beneculture x Footpatrol collection in-store and online here!

To help us celebrate the launch, us and Bene Culture have teamed up with the good people at Keep Hush for an evening of celebrations. Join us on Thursday 28th April from 19:00 at a secret location in Peckham. All you need to do is RSVP here.

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The Hartcopy Journal – Volume 1 In-store Launch | Event Recap!

22.04.22 General

Last week saw us bring back our in-store events at our London store! For feels like forever, we had the great opportunity of being the UK’s only stockist of The Hartcopy Journal – Volume 1. To celebrate, we invited down creative lead, Sam Le Roy for an in-store launch and signing event.

Acting as a digital documentation of all things within street culture, especially sneakers, Hartcopy became a go to digital platform where you’d walk away having learned something new! Now for 2022, they enter into the world of print with their first publication… because print definitely isn’t dead!

A massive thank you to all of those who came down for the evening, managed to pick up a book, joined us for a drink and said hello! Not only did we have a display on show of some of the footwear within the book, but you all pulled out the stops with your on foot selections. Take a closer look below and we’ll hopefully see you all again soon.

And for those who missed it, we recently caught up with Sam prior to the launch to learn more about Hartcopys journey and how it all began, CLICK HERE to read more.

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re.GENERATION – Powered by FOOTPATROL | Workshop 1, Copy Writing

13.04.22 General

The written word is often overlooked when thinking of the creative industries. But copy – the written material that conveys an idea – is a key element of nearly every project or campaign.

Led by poet, copywriter and SNKRS Live host Will Stowe, this workshop will open up the specialised field of copy to show that when it comes to ideas, often less is more. This isn’t about paragraphs of long-form copy: what we’re aiming for is the ability to communicate an idea in an impactful way.

Attendees will be guided to create a slogan on the theme of ‘change’, using just a handful of words to get across a big idea.

To be in with a chance of attending Workshop 1 with us and Will Stowe, you can sign up to attend by CLICKING HERE!

To see more of our re.GENERTAION workshops, click here!

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11.04.22 General

re.GENERATION – powered by FOOTPATROL is a series of workshops designed to lift the lid on the creative industry and pass on knowledge to the next generation. Aiming to open up access to those who’ve missed out on formal training, the workshops will help attendees form their own creative practice by showing them how to turn ideas into reality.

Led by respected industry figures from the Footpatrol community who’ve done things their own way, and using a mix of personal insights and hands-on experience, the workshops will provide attendees with a toolkit of techniques, contacts and real-world knowledge to kickstart or enhance their creative endeavours.

The workshop series will cover four key areas in the life cycle of a creative campaign, culminating in the launch of a Footpatrol Communi-T t-shirt. Workshop 1 covers copywriting, using the written word to convey an idea on the theme of ‘change’. Workshop 2 will use these ideas to create graphic images, a selection of which will then be screen printed onto t-shirts in Workshop 3. In Workshop 4, creative campaigns will be conceptualised for a shortlist of the best tee designs, with the winning t-shirt and campaign concept ultimately brought to life as the next Footpatrol Communi-T release.

Would-be participants can apply for a place in one workshop each, and must be able to attend a London location on the relevant date(s). Places for each workshop are limited, but printed and digital zines will be available after each event to share the process and insights with anyone who’s unable to attend.

To share your interest in attending workshop 2: Image Making which will be hosted by Mark Ward, please head over to our latest blog piece here and fill in the sign up form.

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Sam Le Roy, Hart Copy | Footpatrol Meets

09.04.22 Footpatrol Meets

Though it’s relatively new to the scene having started back in the first lockdown in 2020, Hartcopy was never short of knowledge. Acting as a digital documentation of all things within street culture, Hartcopy became a place where you could enjoy learning new things about the things we all know and love whether that’s special apparel pieces, the oldest (or latest) sneakers or accessories, you always came away having learnt something new.

Now, two years later, Hartcopy are releasing their first physical printed matter with ‘The Hartcopy Journal – Volume 1’ and at Footpatrol, we’re excited to announce we’re the UK’s exclusive stockist. To celebrate, we caught up with creative lead Sam Le Roy to learn more about Hartcopy, how it came about and how they gather the knowledge for all the product.

To be in with the chance of getting your hands on a copy, head over to the Footpatrol Launches App or alternatively, join us in-store on Thursday 14th April between 7PM – 9PM BST where we’ll be joined by Sam for an in-store signing where we’ll also have limited availability of the book to purchase!

Footpatrol: Sam Le Roy, the man behind the copy, how are we doing?

Sam Le Roy: I’m great! Very busy, tonnes going on, but it’s a good problem to have. 

FP: Let’s start off nice and easy. Could you give people a little bit of insight into who you are and what you do?

SLR: I’m a sneakerhead first and foremost, a collector, a writer, a content creator, all wrapped into one. I’m the creative lead at Hartcopy, a platform dedicated to shining a light on some of our favourite stories from the sneaker scene and its peripheral subcultures. I’ve got the best job in the world – writing about things I’m already fascinated in. 

FP: HartCopy, a page conceived during the Covid pandemic. How did this journey for you all begin?

SLR: Well the journey started with Tim Suen, an amazing bloke from Singapore. Hartcopy is his creation, he really dug out the blueprint from a love of classic Japanese print mags and sneakers. Tim posted the account on a now disbanded Facebook group, and me being an aspiring writer, I sent him a message asking to give him a hand. That was near enough two years ago now, and the two of us really grafted to hollow out a space in the industry, and we’ve picked up a few amazing people on the way that have spend countless hours helping out. 

FP: What was the aim with the page itself?

SLR: A few things really. For Tim, he wanted to simply document his collection. Things really developed quickly and we realised that we could do something big – speaking on my behalf, I saw an opportunity to capture some like-minded individuals, build a community and really become a force in the culture. On a more surface level, Hartcopy opened a door for me to escape reality and work in an industry I previously thought was inaccessible.

FP: The diversity HartCopy has in stories, brands and products is so wide that it’s hard not to be drawn into wanting to learn something new. Without giving too much away, where do you source this information from?

SLR: Personally, I get it from all over the place – there’s no one outlet. Old blog posts, instagram posts from collectors, chatting to designers and employees from big companies, the information is really a mish-mash from anywhere I can find it. In terms of inspiration, and figuring out what I need to write about and cover, it’s all about dissecting what’s relevant in the moment and thinking about how I can relate it to products from years ago. Sometimes it comes very easily, sometimes it ends with me in a very frustrated state, shutting the laptop for another night. 

FP: Now of course, the book. I have been excited for this since you told me about it last year. How has it been producing your first printed edition?

SLR: The book has been amazing to make. All of the intricacies I have to consider on social media and digital content are blown up tenfold; the stakes are higher, and it’s amazing to think that someone will be able to open The Journal up in years to come, and (hopefully) admire what we did. 

On another note, it’s been a massive learning experience for me, one that I’m hugely grateful for. I know so much more now than I did six months ago, and I’m excited to push hartcopy even further with these insights. 

FP: Do you see this as an ongoing journey?

SLR: The Journal, and books as a whole, are absolutely an ongoing journey for Hartcopy. Tangible products are so hard to execute, especially so in a world so obsessed with the digital and disposable, but I’m confident we can build something really amazing from the foundations we’ve already got in place. 

FP: What do you think is the next step for HartCopy, you are already a global platform. I am intrigued to hear where you look to take things?

SLR: Just like the products we write about ever day, the goal with hartcopy is longevity and timelessness. We’re in it for the long run, which is exactly why we didn’t rush anything putting this stuff out. I know we’ve nailed our goal of documenting culture, and we’ll never abandon this mission, but I really want to start steering the culture little by little. This will come through more books, products, maybe sneakers, all of which will have some brilliant stories attached. 

FP: Sam, thank you so much for your time as always. We are really looking forward to the in-store book signing and launch on Thursday. Before we let you go though, we like to give all our interviewees a chance to sign off the interview in any way they wish, whether that’s to get people excited or just a message of positivity. So without further ado Sam, take the stage! 

SLR: I’d love to say a big thank you to Tim Suen, who really is the man that made this whole thing happen. Him and I have worked so hard on this, but in reality, without him, Hartcopy wouldn’t exist, and I’d be in a lab doing a very bad job at a Masters Degree in Chemistry. On the same note, everyone else that contributed to the book deserves a big pat on the back and some love. Phil, Joash, Chris, Arthur, you guys really killed it.

Onwards and upwards!

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Steph Morris for Footpatrol’s 20th Anniversary

20.03.22 Launches

Continuing our lineup of anniversary collaborations, we had the pleasure to join creative forces with Manchester based artist and sneaker illustrator Steph Morris on an exciting apparel project. Steph Morris is renowned for her unrivalled realism and portitature of sought after sneaker silhouettes. Starting out with a faithful passion for drawing sneakers in University that quickly turned into a career venture for Steph.   

Creating something fresh, stylistically conventional but a true emblem of our brand, we tasked Steph to illustrate something a bit different from her norm. Landing with a hyper realistic rendition of the pound and euro coin that pays true accolades to both our stores. To provide an extra sentiment to our anniversary year, we have also decided to incorporate a 2002 version of the pound coin and euro as this signifies the year that our Footpatrol store first opened.   

The Steph Morris x Footpatrol tees arrive in a 260gsm heavyweight 100% cotton construction with ‘Steph Morris’ branding accented to the chest keeping things simple. A coin graphic coats the reverse including Steph Morris signature details. The t-shirt comes available in Black & White options.

The hoodie iteration arrives in a 100% Black loopback cotton construction with ‘Steph Morris’ branding adorned to the front chest and drawstring hood ensures things are well adjusted. The fit is finalised with the respective pound and/or euro coin graphic detailing coating the reverse complete with Steph Morris’ signature details.

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International Women’s Month Talks with the Imprint Collective

26.02.22 General

To celebrate International Women’s Month, we’ve teamed up with The Imprint Collective on a series of talks that shine the light on woman who are constantly pushing the fields they work in.

Ranging from creatives, to agencies to brands, we’ll be sitting down to learn more about them, the paths that have got them to where they are now and of course, their professions.

Check out the line up below and CLICK HERE to get your tickets for our last talk with PUMA UK’s Louise Howley and Fran Lavelle.

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London In-store Mystery Draw is now Closed!

23.02.22 General

It’s gone and happened again… Another mystery draw has found its way on to the Footpatrol blog giving you, the community a chance at at some special past launches… 

To find out more about this mysterious package, click on the link below to enter!


The rules are simple, you MUST be following @Footpatrol_LDN on social media. You can only enter ONCE for ONE item, you can’t enter for multiple so choose carefully as multiple entries will be cancelled! The mystery draw will close Friday 25th February at 08:00AM GMT so be quick! Winners will be notified via email, good luck!

The London In-store Mystery Draw is now closed!

To enter, you’re required to sign up via the above form, this WON’T be available in-store to sign up on. 

In-store winners will be contacted via email informing them of their win. Within this email, winners will be given a set of dates in which they must collect their win from our London store. To collect, you will need to provide the winning email and a valid photographic government ID matching the winners name. NO ONE can collect on the winners behalf. Failure to provide this, or failure to collect within the given dates will result in forfeiting your win.

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Footpatrol Celebrates it’s 20th Anniversary!

21.01.22 General

This year marks our 20th anniversary of our innovative sneaker fraternity here at Footpatrol! With an exciting year approaching us, we thought we would give back to our amazing community that has shown uttermost devotion to us over the years. On that note, we take a look at the undeniable history behind our iconic brand. From our humble beginnings in St.Annes Court to the opening of our first European store in Paris. As a special thanks-we are also giving you an exclusive follow up of our celebratory year ahead. We look to do more than just showcase and talk about footwear, we aim to use this anniversary to reconnect with our community and give back in more ways than just through footwear.

Our authentic sneaker journey started in our original flagship store in St Annes Court, located in Soho. Founded by streetwear pioneers Michael Kopelman, Simon Porter and Fraser Cooke in 2002, who envisioned an independent sneaker store with a realm of exclusive possibilities. Feeding into a consortium programme that was top-level and niche, distributing the most exclusive trainers on the market from a limited handful of brands. 

Unlike the present day, the sneaker scene in 2002 was a much more closed off subculture that wasn’t fully understood by the masses. With minimal resources to find rare pairs, JP exclusives and other oddities, this left collectors down to their own demise. With access being so slim, this allowed Footpatrol to open their doors to capitalise on the market and help fuel the fire that has become present day. 

Taking an inaugural spot as store manager was Wes Tyerman at the time, who became an integral part of our brand’s authentic charm. Sharpening his creative fruition and contributing to some of the most innovative collabs, Wes kept things fresh and inventive, paving the way for eccentric sneaker innovation. Footpatrol became known for specialising in unique drops, top releases and the occasional deadstock pieces – similar to as we know it today!

Boasting a mesh wire cage aesthetic embossed new meanings of a streetwear sneaker space; it was lauded for its remarkable construction that became a well-known trademark across the world. Authentic, unique and simply fluent utilitarian language, Footpatrol was one-of-a-kind; becoming a mecca for sneakerheads not only for London’s growing subcultural sneaker hub, but for those internationally that were deeply ingrained into our community.

After 6 reigning years at St Annes Court, Footpatrol resided into a short departure from the sneaker world. After a 2 year closure, we re-opened our doors in 2010, in the heart of Soho in Berwick street, becoming a standalone member of the JD Group. Signifying new admirable beginnings but also keeping things authentic; we opted for an innovative store change. Swapping our mesh cage aesthetic for a wooden cabin structure that became an iconic translation of our ‘space within a space’ ethos. With our new store fit pushing architectural boundaries, it became a well-renowned space for sneaker enthusiasts across the world. 

Berwick street has become the most coveted home for our flagship store, cherishing the unique and outgoing social hub around it. Inundated with record stores, lively bars and clothiers fuelling the niche and hip market that spends a lot of their disposable income in the area- Soho is notoriously a melting pot for culture. With our original St.Annes residency within walking distance, we believed that Soho would be the best focal point for our store, retaining the same unwilted sneaker identity that is authentic – a true resemblance of our community. 

2018 signified momentous change; with the decision to expand our brand globally, opening our first European store located in the Le Marais district in Paris. The Le Marais District is synonymously known as the fashionable district in Paris boasting an array of bars, boutiques and galleries. Reflecting a unique, culturally diverse community, reflecting the authentic audience we possess in London.

Mirroring the Paris store aesthetic, our London flagship store was undertaking an immense overhaul, replacing  the wood hut exterior into a polished futuristic metal and stone finish that provided an inviting open space fit. The refit was designed by London based architectural design studio, Counterfeit Studio who remains faithful to the same utilitarian charm that underpinned previous store iterations. Oversized benches have replaced the fibreglass sections, with display shelvings and cladding embossed throughout the store, creating a tangible space for both our staff and consumers. 

Taking cues from our Paris store, we also opted for a trademark logo change, with the London store also featuring an infinity gas mask neon, with a white refined colour rendition-designed by artist Marcus Bracey and his team – that compliments the new ingrained change for the new Footpatrol London store. As well as being an integral focal point for us. 

20 years is a long time and within those 20 years Footpatrol has been able to bring a whole host of releases, collaborations, events and much more. In the early days of Footpatrol this was showcased through introductions to artists such as KAWS, co-hosted with Gimmie 5 having him produce a limited run of pieces including a Footpatrol x Kaws Gasmask logo (to this day is used as the @Footpatrol_Ldn profile picture). It didn’t stop their though, collaborations and special SMUs also passed through St.Annes Court with the likes of the Unkle x Nike ‘Dunkle’, Nike ‘London’ Dunk, Footpatrol Air Stab, Footpatrol Air Epic, adidas Campus and one that we feel is sometimes forgotten, the Footpatrol x adidas ZX800 part of the original A-ZX pack. 

Moving forward to our Berwick Street reign we have been able to maintain that momentum initially kick started by Michael Koppleman and Fraser Cooke. Footpatrol have continued to be at the forefront of the London sneaker scene, being a part of projects such as the Consortium 4D Futurecraft, ASICS Gel Lyte III 25th Anniversary with the launch of the ‘Squads’ and even highly limited SMUs with Le Coq Sportif. When you think of footwear and London it’s hard not to think of Footpatrol and some of its memorable events and installations. Things such as Action Bronson’s ‘F*ck Thats Delicious’ book launch, the annually released All Gone book series with Michael Dupouy, Nikes ‘Vote Forward’ campaign where Footpatrol’s very own Alex Hackett showcased her own Airmax iteration and one of our personal favourite moments, the week long Off White x Nike ‘The Ten’ in-store take over! Footpatrol is more than just shoes, it’s a cultural hub based in Soho that has always been there to showcase something new, someone new or offering a platform for you to share your stories and support our community in more ways than one. 

Our platform has been used to help supply access to our community to some of the highest heat releases to drop over the last 20 years. Going forward to aim to continue that, you aim to grow and we aim to offer more support than ever before. Make sure you also have the Footpatrol launches app downloaded to keep up to date with any exclusive draws, releases and content. 

With the platform we have, the community we have created and the loyal enthusiasts that have supported us since day one. We aim to continue our work and help give our community a safe, inclusive and supporting space that makes all feel welcome the moment they step through our doors. There are more ways retailers can help their communities than just giving access to shoes, there are opportunities for us to teach, uplift those who want to work within the industry and haven’t found their way in and learn more as they find their first few pairs to their collections. Most importantly use our platform to raise awareness on topics we feel need focusing on, our community is more than just a customer. It is our foundation that keeps Footpatrol afloat.

So keep your eyes peeled, we got a year packed up with events, talks, collabs and much more! 

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