ON Running ‘Hidden Gems’ Pack | Available Now!

For a while now, we at Footpatrol have been on the hunt for some hidden gems within the sneaker industry but now, it seems that wait is finally over with thanks to ON.

Having been founded in 2010, you could say ON are still a relatively new brand within the world of footwear however, this hasn’t stopped them from taking it by storm. Founded by Olivier Bernhard, David Allemann and Caspar Coppetti, ON was born with the need and want to find the perfect running sensation which has led to the brands unique and frankly eye-catching Cloud technology.

Now 12 years later, ON look back at their roots and it’s Swish Engineering with the ‘Hidden Gems’ pack. Kicking things off with the trail running Cloudultra Flourite. Suited for all-terrain and off-road running, this particular iteration focusses on the hidden gemstones and minerals that can be found within the Swiss mountains. Reinforced with lightweight TPU, its ultra-breathable, ultra-clean two layer mesh upper is finished off with a burst of colour that links back to those hidden gems.

What colourway do you prefer?

The CloudUltra is now available to shop online at Footpatrol!

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