The North Face VECTIV Elvira Pack | Now Available!

17.08.22 Performance

Ever since their most earliest of days, The North Face have always set about pushing the boundaries within performance and the outdoors. This has led them to being a go to brand for everything and anything ‘outdoors’. This has often led the brand into exploring new directions such as artist collaborations.

For their latest set of trail running products, they set about doing just this with their VECTIV offering. 

Teaming up with Spanish artist and all round outdoor enthusiast, Fernando Elvira, the painter has created a unique print that takes over the upper of the latest VECTIV trail running collection. Each piece is adorned with symbols that represent a thought, a moment in time in the mind of a runner along the trails. 

‘The peaks and valleys, highs and lows, dead-ends and new beginnings.’

To celebrate the launch, we headed out to Annecy, France with Jesse Alexandra and Henry Knock to take on the peaks that surround the lake of Annecy to see just what this latest offering from The North Face is all about! 

The North Face Elvira pack is now also available to shop online at Footpatrol, click here to check it out!

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