Roxie Hudson, PUMA | Footpatrol Meets

05.04.24 Footpatrol Meets

Over the years we’ve been lucky enough to cross paths with some extremely talented people across numerous brands and for our latest Footpatrol Meets, we sit down with one of those! In charge of retailer marketing at PUMA, we’ve crossed paths with Roxie Hudson on many projects between Footpatrol and PUMA and now we get to learn a bit more about her role within PUMA and some of her highlights from working with the brand.

Footpatrol: Hey Roxie, hope you’re well and thank you for taking the time to talk to us! Can you please start by telling us a bit about yourself and what you do over at PUMA? 

Roxie Hudson: Hi guys, thank you for having me! I look after retailer marketing for some of PUMA’s key partners in the fashion and lifestyle side of the business. My day to day can be anything from identifying partnership opportunities with musicians and artists to planning events, shoots, and digital and in-store activations.

FP: I think we’ve both been in our respected brands for the same amount of time, how has it felt to be a part of PUMAs growth and evolution? 

RH: Yes, it’s really been a while! Over the time I’ve worked at PUMA, I’ve witnessed a real transformation. Puma is timeless, with a storied heritage, yet continually looks to the future by telling new stories. I love that. Thinking back to the early days when we were exploring and testing ideas to now, where we’ve carved out a distinct identity in the market with each of our partners. PUMA’s growth is not just about the brand, it’s about the collective evolution of everyone involved behind the scenes, and that’s what makes it a special place to work, we have a good time doing what we do.

FP: Equally, we have worked on some great campaigns together, what have been some standout global projects to you and any particular favourites you’ve worked on? 

RH: We’ve had some fun ones for sure! I think a few career highlights include those ‘first moments’ – like seeing my work on a billboard for the first time or my first window display on Oxford Street over Christmas, it was a special moment to be part of something I’d always considered to be iconic. I’ve loved working on community and charity-based projects, I think it’s important to consider how we can give back to the next generation of young creatives and I love the idea of someone recalling PUMA as part of their journey. I came up with a campaign focused on spotlighting young designers, we displayed their pieces as part of an exhibition in Soho, and the winner received press coverage and a cash prize towards their future design career. It’s always great to work for a brand focused on giving back. Last one – I produced a shoot in LA, we drove to Palm Springs in a vintage Mustang, shooting in Joshua Tree along the way and thought ‘’how is this my job?’’.

FP: PUMA is known for their titanic roster like Bolt, Rhianna, Hamilton, LaMelo and more recently ASAP and Skepta to name a few, what is it about PUMA you find attracts so many Athletes and industry creatives? 

RH: We do work with some of the biggest talents in the world, shout out to our entertainment team who are working overtime! However, it’s always been important for us to work with talent both established and rising. We like to work with our ambassadors over a longer time frame, for instance Bolt signed with Puma in 2003 when he was just 16  – a partnership that continues to this day and beyond. It’s important to us to build meaningful relationships and grow together. I think it’s our history and heritage which appeals to people, opening a world of unlimited creative potential.

FP: What are your go to PUMA silhouettes atm? And what pair should everyone have in their wardrobe at least once? 

RH: Recently I’ve been wearing the Speedcat and Mostro, it’s great to see PUMA re-release some of these lower profile silhouettes. We’re one of the few brands that can bring these styles back with authenticity and we can pretty much own that motorsport space, being the key sponsor for Ferrari, BMW, Porsche etc. We signed A$AP Rocky as our creative director and released his F1 capsule last year, so it’s going to be exciting to see where he takes the brand and bridges the gap between F1 and culture. 

FP: one we like to ask, if YOU were a PUMA shoe what would you be and why?

RH: Hmmmm I’d like to think something classic and understated like a PUMA Clyde or Suede. Timeless.

FP: We recently saw the return of the PUMA Mostro, a shoe from a by-gone era but something that 20+ years later feels more relevant than ever, how has it been received? 

RH: Yes we bought back the shoe last year in the form of a collab with Ottolinger, which sold out. Mostro is the Italian word for “monster,” so we’ve had a lot of fun with that in the marketing department. It’s still early days but the initial reception has been very positive, it’s such an iconic shoe and it’s been picked up and worn organically by A$AP, Skepta and Em Rata over the last few months.

FP: Are there any silhouettes from the archive that if you could bring them back, what would they be?

RH: It’d have to be the Jil Sander collab from 1988, there’s a pair that iconic green colourway I really need to source. Her minimalist and clean designs have stood the test of time and can still be worn 35 years later, there’s a lot to be said for that, beyond these fleeting trends.

FP: We are looking forward to seeing what’s on offer for 2024, are there any activations or places we can keep a close eye on what PUMA plan to do? 

RH: We have a lot happening this year, with it being such a huge year for sport with the Euros and Olympics. We are taking our partnership to the next level with Skepta which will be really exciting – all eyes on FP for more where that came from! Outside of that we have lots planned around Speedcat and Mostro, plus some great collaborations which I can’t share too much about just yet.

FP: Thank you for taking the time to chat to us, and again we look forward to seeing what you’re getting up to for 2024 and beyond. If there are any shoutouts or words of wisdom for people looking into marketing careers or working with PUMA, then the floor is yours!

RH: This was really fun! Of course shout out to my team, who work so hard to get all our campaigns over the line. We have our yearly internship placement which I’m recruiting for now via Social Fixt, it’s a lot of work but it can provide invaluable experience for anyone wishing to kick start a career in marketing. Thanks again guys!

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