Mains Spring ’24 Event Recap

Last week, a few of the team had the opportunity to head down to Skepta’s Mains Spring ’24 runway show. You might be wondering why a London based sneaker store was in attendance however, if you look closely enough, you’ll soon get a sneak peak of something upcoming that was part of the show!

After four years, Mains came back with a bang with new chief designer Mikey Pearce and head graphic designer Johnson Orchid at the helm to help Skepta push the brand into a new direction focused around staple pieces.

Heavily focussed on a sportswear aesthetic, the show was filled with big logos, meshes and shimmering retro inspired tracksuits that all came together to make a cohesive collection but this wasn’t the only story on show. Cuban collared button ups, denim dungarees and motorbike leather two pieces hinted towards Hip Hops past and this was made clearer with a Tupac branded knits.

Away from the clothes was fashion weeks usual hotspot for the biggest in show business. From Stormzy to Headie One, Louis Theroux to Maisie Williams, JME walking the show all the way to fashion royalty, Naomi Campbell.

Take a closer look at the evenings events below and as we mentioned, take a close look at an upcoming project which we’ll be sharing more of over the coming months!

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