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Remember the early days of Instagram;  where we made obscene edits with overly saturated filters. A time when we could only post pictures and where we as consumers became engrossed by people laying out their ‘outfit of the day’ on the floor like it was the hottest topic on the news. Well for those nostalgic Footpatrol fans we have tried to do just that with our latest Communi-T release.

Having worked with Bravado and many other like minded brands. South Korean based illustrator / artist, Cityboy brings a nice twist to the existing outfit breakdowns previously seen on social media and community groups. 

Utilising Cityboys signature style, we have collaborated on this exclusive release to bring you our latest Communi-T project. Dressed in the artist graphics seen on his socials, you aren’t going to want to miss this!

Now available HERE!

Footpatrol: Before we get into your work, let’s start off with a brief introduction. Please let us know who you are and what you do? 

City Boy: Hello, I’m Kim Young-han, an illustrator from Seoul. I majored in visual design and illustrated as a hobby. I started drawing whilst looking at a snapshot from a fashion magazine. Then, I thought, “How about drawing my favourite daily look and sharing it?” Since then, I have been working as a style guide illustrator. 

Footpatrol:  How would you describe your signature style? 

City Boy: I would say an illustrated style guide – for instance, a woman dressed in a crew neck sweat, t-shirt and jeans eating ice cream on a hot day. Or a man in a suit and glasses combing his hair whilst watching a movie. If you create a scene that anyone can relate to, people can be more immersed in your work, and naturally, their eyes go to the brands and items featured. 

There is limited information given on the clothing. For example, cool linen and stiff corduroy fabrics can be difficult to paint. I use various brushes to show the textures that can show the materials. To show waterproof clothing I add raindrops on the clothing surface. 

Footpatrol: You’ve also implemented some animation into your work too. Did this develop naturally over time or was this something you intended to add? 

City Boy: When we see something moving, we give it more attention. Static expressions have visual limitations. Dynamic expressions catch the eye. I naturally started working on animation. It is also suitable for using Instagram Reels. 

Footpatrol: Were there any artist inspiration or references growing up that pushed you into this style of illustration? 

City Boy: When I majored in college, I drew illustrations while reading fashion magazines. The one I referenced the most at that time was Popeye (Japanese fashion magazine). I would draw while looking at the daily life and look of a city boy directed by magazine Popeye. I was fascinated by the indescribable atmosphere it created. Those works would have been at the root of my current illustration. My other reference is to go out and look at my daily life carefully. I like to work outside the house.  

Footpatrol: One of the things that catches the eye of viewers, is your visual breakdown of each item of clothing & the brand featured in the characters outfit. Can you tell us how this idea came to life? 

City Boy: There are many works in magazines that describe each outfit of a character. I must explain the costume that they are wearing in my work. Sharing my favourite styles with everyone.  

However, I borrowed the power of the branding. I thought the visual appeal of a brand logo was more attractive than writing. It creates a stronger more visual appeal when matched with my illustrations. 

Footpatrol: Can you walk us through the concept behind your Communi-T design? 

City Boy: I wanted to bring inclusivity into this Communi-T project by featuring a male and female model wearing previous Footpatrol collaboration archive pieces. To bring out the atmosphere of the illustration, I also added fixtures into the designs – one of them was a vending machine – It creates a setting for the consumer to relate to. 

Footpatrol: How did you find yourself conceptualising the idea for this project? 

City Boy: There are so many vending machines in Japan. A few months ago, I was walking on the streets of Kyoto and saw a vending machine lying on the streets. It was lying alone, like an island. I was fascinated by its charm and took pictures. When I was painting an illustration of chilling atmosphere, I included this vending machine. 

Footpatrol: What’s next for you after this project, anything exciting you can share with us? 

City Boy: Immediately after this project, I have another t-shirt with a different brand!  

Footpatrol: Thanks again for your time. It’s been a pleasure working together on our latest Communi-T project! Before we let you go, is there anything you would like to say to sign off the interview? 

City Boy: It was fun working with Footpatrol. When you work on illustrations for a brand, it gives you insight into their history and culture. I was so grateful for Footpatrol to allow me the freedom to do my work in my way. 

Thank you for supporting my work! Many people look at my illustrations and refer to my style. I will always look to try and draw different variations. 

My aim is to create content that can be enjoyed in various forms that can be seen, felt, and touched.  

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