Hoka Kaha 2 High GORE-TEX | Now Available!

21.12.22 Performance

Outdoor ready, check! GORETEX protected, check!

The team over at Hoka are well known and well versed when it comes to the outdoors. Whether its road runner, trail running or hiking, they’ve always got a solution and are always on the hunt for ways to push performance.

Now available at Footpatrol, the Kaha 2 provides a great weight-to-cushion ratio for the ultimate performance when it comes to hiking. Utilising a multitude of technology built within it from HUBBLE® heel with SwallowTail™ geometry, the Kaha 2 will know its way around any terrain that’s thrown at it. In the UK and across the world, I think its fair to say the UK love to talk about the weather but that’s not issue with this thanks to its GORE-TEX upper.

Take a closer look below, could the Kaha 2 High be just the footwear to get your through this winter? Shop online here.

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