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If you’ve been following our 20th anniversary celebrations, you would’ve come across our recent collaboration with New Era. To delve deeper into the story telling and the creativity that went on behind the scenes to make this project a reality, we caught up with British Jamaican artist, Kingsley Hayward.

Known for his intricate artwork and tattooing skills, the artist and Footpatrol came together for the signature FP calligraphy logo that takes centre stage on the front of the strap back. We sat down with Kingsley to learn more about his life, his passions and how artwork whilst we took another look at the New Era!

Footpatrol: Hey Kingsley, First up and maybe most importantly, how are you? Could you start off with sharing a bit more about yourself to our audience?

Kingsley Hayward: Was up, my names Kingsley Hayward and I’m a British Jamaican artist from the South East of Kent. My main passions in life are tattooing, video games and mixed martial arts.

FP: Was becoming a tattoo artist always something you wanted to achieve, or was tattooing more of an organic gateway that allowed you to create your art?

KH: I did my first tattoo at the age of 15, but didn’t see it as a career at the time. It was just something that I wanted to try, as I loved drawing and graffiti. Over the next two years I worked a bunch of jobs I hated, and tattooing was growing on me more and more everyday until it was the only thing I cared about! It just took over and I couldn’t get enough.

FP: Your work is heavily letter based. Where did your interest in letter forms come from?

KH: From my early graffiti days it was all about who could write their name the sickest, so I’ve always had a big interest in letter forms and flows. Over time the interest turned into an obsession.

FP: Inspiration always plays a big part when it comes to creativity, where do you look to find yours?

KH: Most of my inspiration comes from my everyday environment. We live in a world surrounded by words and letters, so everywhere I look there’s something to be inspired by. Whether that be advertisements, shop signs, logos, graveyards, the list goes on and on.

FP: How did the opportunity to tattoo at Lowrider come about?

KH: In 2013 Jose Lopez and the Lowrider team were coming to London for some private tattoo sessions. I knew I had to meet the team and collect a piece no matter what! Meeting the team and watching the process motivated me to push harder as an artist. I explained how much the Lowrider crew had inspired me over the years, and when my work was good enough I’d come to LA and ask Jose for a job. When he mentioned he was going to open a Lowrider Tattoo studio in London, I knew it was fate.

FP: How else do you like to be creative outside of tattooing?

KH: Outside of tattooing and art, being creative in the kitchen is definitely somethin’ I really enjoy, you can’t beat that homemade cooking, you know?

FP: Any last bits you want to share with us?

KH: What else can I say man, being able to live my life off of the art I create is all I ever wanted. I’m mad happy with this project and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

A huge thanks to Kingsley for taking the time to sit down with us at Footpatrol, the delicacy of the FP is one of our favourite features. Make sure to check out the Footpatrol x New Era in-store and online here!

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