adidas NMD S1 with Theodor Black

22.12.22 General

This year has seen a heavy focus from adidas and their iconic NMD range. Back in 2015, the fan fare that surrounded that original silhouette is something we’ll all remember. For 2022, adidas decided to continue this craze and reimagine the silhouette with the introduction of the NMD S1. With a similar shape and design details throughout the NMD S1 continues that taste for a lightweight, comfortable sock like lifestyle sneaker.

To celebrate the latest offering, we caught up with none other than Theodor Black. Having already emerged as one of the most exciting names within the UK’s underground rap scene, Theodor has also been making waves within the world of fashion.

Footpatrol: It’s been a long time coming but we have finally pinned you down! Theodore, how are you?

Theodor Black: I’m doing well, besides the cold weather everything’s been pretty blessed.


FP: I want to give a bit of a background story for the Footpatrol fans. Where did music all begin for you?

TB: I started making music when I was 15 or 16. I started of both writing and producing, I was writing more than I was producing. At some point I decided it’s the only thing I want to do. So here we are years later. 

FP: So was it always the game plan to work in music, or were there other pots of gold at the end of the rainbow you wanted to chase?

TB: I wanted to actually be a football player lowkey (haha) I suppose that’s every kids dream at some point in time, I also wanted to be a pro skater but too many injuries in that field. 

FP: You released your first EP in 2018, Black Boy Blues and this year you released your most recent project, PARADISE FM. Would you say your sound has developed since then, if so how?

TB: Definitely! I been exploring different sounds and cadences and just taking in and digesting new stuff constantly. That in turn helped me grow my sound to where it is now. 

FP: One thing we love at FP is your visuals. From album artworks, to styling, all the way down to your music videos. Do you take control of all that whilst working on the music or do you have a trusty crew to support? 

TB: I usually have control over that, with Paradise FM however it was more of a collaborative effort and working with new people, I really enjoyed working with Seb Tabe on the TOP DOWN video that was a lot of fun. But mostly I tend to steer and direct my own visual narrative. 

FP: Is there a clear vision with each new piece of music you make in terms of visuals or do you tend to make those decisions after?

TB: I’m quite a free flowing person, so things just occur when they occur, especially ideas, I tend to like to think outside of the box, as of recent I’m trying to completely get rid of the box as it’s starting to get boring.

FP: We see you have been extremely business not just on the releases front, but also on the performance side of life. The Nokia Mansion gig being one of the most recent. How do you prepare for a performance, do you have your pre game routine?

TB: I just pull up to be honest, usually have my homies with me, one two zoot and I’m ready to go. 

FP: What’s next for 2023. New music we hope?

TB: I’ve got a bunch of single releases coming up next year, with videos most conceptualised by me, I e been working with my cousin Sesay a bunch as well, he’s an up and coming director and a film fanatic so he’s good to have around when coming up with ideas, he Co-directed the video for Blu Tack with me. 

FP: Mr. Theodor Black! It’s been a pleasure, thank you again for being a part of this campaign and sitting with us. Before we let you go, we like to leave our last question for our interviewees to sign off with a message of positivity. Is there anything you would like to share?

TB: Be patient and keep pushing, and don’t be afraid to take a break. Being a creative in todays climate is challenging but just keep pushing because it’ll all be worth it in the end 

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