Frequent Players Guest Mix 035 | Sticky Dub

23.12.22 Frequent Players

Closing out the year with a bang, we deliver our next Frequent Players Guest Mix. Originally from Liverpool but now residing in London, we jumped at the chance to head East and meet with Sticky Dub. Having grown up with music loving parents, Sticky Dub has been blessed with a knowledge of music and genres that has helped him piece together some of our favourite mixes.

From the man himself, “Everything is Riddim” and this bode’s true with his Frequent Players mix. A blend of genres has been combined with a deep melodic baseline that makes this smooth mix an easy listen, make sure to check it out below!

Footpatrol: Sticky, it’s an absolute pleasure! How have you been? 

Sticky Dub: Easy laa thanks for having me innit, big ups everytime!.. Ive been blessed to be honest. Life has been intensifying as ive been growing and im putting it into the music. Keeping it moving still…

Footpatrol: Glad to have finally got this one over the line, personally, it’s been a long time coming and I owe a huge thanks to our good friend Macca for shining a light on your and your music. For any of our audience who may not be aware of you (shocking!), can you give us a bit of an introduction?  

Sticky Dub: yeh Big up to Macca for plugging this one!.. Yeahh well me and Macca are both from Liverpool init, representing the 0151 all day. I was born in Toxteth, ermm im a dancer who makes music. Other than that im a certified herbalist. 

Footpatrol: So I guess we’re here to discuss music… Can you remember those early memories of growing up and the types of music you’d hear? Has this influenced you in any way? 

Sticky Dub: i was brought up on garage, hiphop/r&b jungle & reggae between my mum and dad. He was a junglist DJ & my mum was a garage raver. My mum was playing lauryn hill and alicia keys at home and my dad was playing burning spear and Peshay in the campervan. My dad introduced me to Vinyl when i was really young with the ‘Can i Kick it’ single from ATCQ. I remember that moment clearly, I was thinking wow WTF is this…

Footpatrol: We feel like your music takes people on a journey through multiple genres that all have that underlying connection to rhythm and dub, am I reading along the right lines?

Sticky Dub: Yeh man riddim is where it’s at, in life that is. Everything is riddim. Music with a wicked riddim changes you perception of time i swear. When you combine that with a deep melodic baseline is alchemy on the dance floor.

Footpatrol: What’s your process when it comes to crafting your music? Are you someone that’s constantly exploring new technologies or do you prefer a more analoq approach?

Sticky Dub: NGL, when i started i was such a purest. I would only touch vinyl or analog shit. Then i changed, i realised that you have to move with the times laa for real. Always maintaining the honor for the past is also key. Balance then I suppose.

Footpatrol: We’ve seen you on a few features (The one with Moon is a personal favourite), what is it about these collaborative processes that you enjoy? 

Sticky Dub: Collaboration can be so beautiful but it can also be a drag haha. certain people can just align and me and Moon are one of those pairs. It feels so easy to create with him and that itself is the true pleasure. It shouldn’t be difficult.

Footpatrol: Would be rude for us at Footpatrol to not turn the conversation on to footwear… We can see you’re currently wearing the recent collaboration between P.A.M. and PUMA, are you someone that’s into their footwear? 

Sticky Dub: You know what this is my first pair and I’m overly gassed! The style is to raw! Funky and smooth to the touch. I was also surprised at the comfort man and that’s important to me. These pumas are now my most comfortable webs!

Footpatrol: And I think that’s it! Thanks so much for joining us at Footpatrol, we’re intrigued to hear your mix. Is there anything upcoming you’d like to share with our audience… the floor is yours!

Sticky Dub: Thank to you all! Big shout to Jake and Niel! Im releasing a brand new Broken Beat single new years day! Check my Bandcamp or Instagram for that one. Also, an EP coming through of me and EVM128 early 2023 and this one is going to be mad… Peace

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