TEAMFP Shoe of the Year 2022

It’s that time of the year again where we sit down with a handful of the Footpatrol team to discuss the all important question, the question on the lips of every sneaker enthusiast at the end of the year and that is of course, shoe of the year…

2022 has been another year where collaborations have been a dominant force but also, we’ve seen anniversaries across a lot of brands and also the resurgence of retros and older silhouettes making a return.

The beautiful thing about sneakers is the diversity and individualism that comes with your favourite silhouettes. It doesn’t have to be the most hype, more eye-catching or most sought after but more so, its what you enjoy. This tends to lean towards that persons style and can often say a lot about them!

In true year book fashion, our team pluck their favourite models and share the what and why in a bit more detail below… Only question is, what was your SOTY 2022?

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