Hiden Curry for Mizuno ‘Street Food’ Pack | Available Now!

When it comes to Mizuno, you can always rely on them for a great base to tell an interesting and intriguing story. This is very much clear with their latest offering, the ‘Street Food’ pack. Consisting of the Contender, GV 87 and City Wind, each looks towards a different type of cuisine thats delicate in its creation and tasty in its finish.

To celebrate the arrival of this latest pack, there was one place that stood out to us and we just had to pay them a visit. Situated in the food market over at the relatively new Coal Drops Yard, you’ll find a curry house called ‘Hiden‘. Not only is it somewhat hidden within its location on a quiet stretch of boutiques but it also delivers on it’s offering, curry.

With foodie details covering the silhouettes in sublet fashion, each pair is dressed in a premium suede thats been combined with mesh for a super luxury feel. For the colour ways, Mizuno have opted for a range of subtle off whites with bursts of colour making them perfect for the upcoming warmer months.

Take a look below at the time we paid them a visit with Mizuno and make sure check out the ‘Street Food’ pack available to shop online here!

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