Footpatrol Golden Coins

At Footpatrol we’re always looking for fun ways to give back to you all so we’d like to welcome the Footpatrol Golden Coins. Limited, and numbered between 1-100, the Golden Coins will be hidden within random shoeboxes in-store 👀. For those lucky enough to pass through, pick up some new trainers and find a golden coin within their box will be able to redeem the coin for a guaranteed raffle win on an upcoming launch in 2022.

Don’t forget to tag us if you’re one of the lucky winners, good luck! 

Please note, the coin can NOT be sold or traded and can only be used by the winner and will need to show proof of government photographic ID. Stock availability may vary so please take this into consideration when choosing your win. This will be down to store discretion.

Terms and Conditions – Product Draw Coins LONDON *


  • *Footpatrol will be giving out 100 coins in its London store(s) (a total of 100 coins) on or around [12 May 2022] until the coins are distributed (each a “Coin” and together the “Coins”). The Coins will be placed in 100 boxes of shoes. The owner of the Coin will be the person who receives the Coin in a purchased box of shoes from Footpatrol (the “Owner”). Coins cannot be sold or transferred. 
  • The Owner will need to provide the relevant Footpatrol store with their name, email address, Instagram handle and shoe size upon receiving the Coin at the till. Any personal data collected will only be used for the purposes of the Coins and/or the Chance to Purchase. 

What does the Coin do? 

  • A Coin will grant the Owner a chance to purchase a product in one (1) instore product launch draw before 31 December 2022 (the “Chance to Purchase”). The Chance to Purchase is subject to availability (including availability of sizes, styles and colours). The Chance to Purchase may not be exchanged for a cash value, nor is it transferable. 

How do I redeem my Chance to Purchase? 

  • You can redeem your Chance to Purchase by contacting the Footpatrol London store via Instagram (@footpatrol_ldn) during the live period of an instore draw and Footpatrol will confirm that the Owner can redeem the Chance to Purchase after the draw has closed. 
  • To redeem the Chance to Purchase the Owner will need to confirm, at the time of purchase of the Chance to Purchase item, their name by means of photo ID, email address, shoe size and present the Coin at the store (such store to be the same store in which the Coin was received) and such details will need to match the details provided at the time the Owner received the Coin. The Chance to Purchase is subject to the validity of the entry details (including Footpatrol’s ability to process payment at the time of purchase). 
  • Footpatrol has the right to change, alter or withdraw the Chance to Purchase at any time due to any change in any applicable law or any events outside the control of Footpatrol. Footpatrol shall not be responsible for any delay, cancellation or rescheduling of the Coins and/or the Chance to Purchase.
  • The Coins and the Chance to Purchase are available instore only and are subject to availability.  
  • Footpatrol reserves the right to: (i) cancel the Coins and/or the Chance to Purchase at any time; and/or (ii) amend these terms and conditions.
  • All purchases are subject to the Footpatrol instore terms and conditions of sale, please ask a member of staff for more details.
  • The promoter of this offer is JD Sports Fashion plc (company number 1888425) t/a Footpatrol (“Footpatrol”).

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