adidas Amsterdam with Ray Fuego | Now Available

In the quest to revisit an icon, adidas have looked back to their famed City Series and pulled out the adidas Amsterdam.

The adidas City Series quickly became one of the brands most iconic run of products ever to have released. Being introduced into the market during the 70s and early 80s each shoe had its own take and colour paying reference to the city they were based on. 

For this latest 2020 edition, the adidas Amsterdam sticks to its recognisable chocolate brown upper constructed in a rich suede. The famous three stripes sit in a slightly more contrasted caramel shade of brown with gold branded on the side.

To celebrate this special release, we headed across to the Dutch capital to sit down with rapper, Ray Fuego and learn more about growing up in the city and why it’s so special. Head across to our previous blog to read out interview.

Now available IN STORE ONLY

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