Footpatrol x Jason Markk | Paris Fashion Week

As part of Paris Fashion Week celebrations, we teamed up with the guys over at Jason Markk for an in-store event held within our Paris store.

Placing the Jason Markk throne in prime position, the team were on hand to make sure that all those that came through, had there sneakers ready for the streets of Paris.

The celebrations began Thursday last week when we played host to those that came down to share a drink, eat some food and enjoy music provided by Footpatrol Paris friend, Clean P, bringing the stores community together for an evening of celebrations. For the rest of the week, the Jason Markk team stayed in-store with us offering their complementary clean service, bringing together a wide range of footwear choices from some of the rarest, to those daily kicks that needed some attention.

Providing the best care to your trainer collection, Jason Markk’s offer a wide range of cleaning sollutions and materials which you shop in-store or here.

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