Tom Silvester | Capture Your City with Footpatrol & Vault By Vans

09.09.22 General

For our World Photography Competition in collaboration with Vault by Vans, we highlight our in-house photographers who take us through their love of photography, their favourite projects and their dream photoshoots… Kicking things off with Tom Silvester.

We have extended the deadline of our World Photography Competition in collaboration with Vault by Vans, until Friday 30th September.

Footpatrol: Could you tell us a bit about yourself and your role within Footpatrol?

Tom: Hi my name is Tom, I’m 29 and I’m the Senior creative photographer at Footpatrol. I’ve been working at FP now for 5 years.

FP: What first drew you to the world of photography?

Tom: Growing up, all my education was done as a graphic design graduate, photography was only a hobby. I bought my first camera after my tutor said it would be more professional to present images to clients instead of phone photography. At the time phones weren’t as good as they are now so it made sense.
To be honest, I would say my photography is influenced more by designers than photographers. I guess subliminally, I’m always looking at colour and layout. I approach photography the same way I would a poster or a graphic as that’s just how I’ve been educated.

The earliest memory was going out and shooting my then sneaker collection. I found myself doing it in all weathers, didn’t need anyone to come with me and not caring about what people thought like ‘look at that idiot taking photos of his shoes’. Perhaps that was when I really found something that I enjoyed!

FP: How do you visually express yourself via photography? 

Tom: It depends on the brief and client outputs. When I’m at work, I like to have as much control over what I’m doing but obviously there can be guidelines in place. I will try to use these guidelines to my advantage and produce something that both myself and the client/brand are proud of. 

As for my own personal photography, over the years I have found myself enjoying interior photography and I’m trying to tap into sports photography, in particular motorbike racing…

FP: What would you class as your dream photoshoot? 

Tom: Dream job is to work for MotoGP following the action of riders.

FP: Tell us about your camera set up, do you have anything on your wishlist?

Tom: Digital I use is a Sony A7RII and for film I have a Pentax k1000, A Fuji Cardia Travel Mini and a Nimslo. 

Footpatrol: What’s been your favourite project you’ve worked on, Footpatrol or not`? 

Tom: Over the years I’ve shot 1000’s of shoes, in some cases some of my favourite photos have come from times when it had to be shot quickly rather than these big elaborate thought out campaigns. 

If i break it down into a top 3, photographing Silverstone MotoGP, designing and photographing a collection for 100 years of Bauhaus and being able to visit Salomon HQ and the stunning town of Annecy.

FP: Fire question… digital or film? 

Tom: Easy question, complicated answer… I would say I’m competent in both but I use a lot more digital than film, again client/brief depending on when I will decide what may potentially look best, usually I will shoot both anyway. 

FP: How do you think this opportunity with Vans and Footpatrol helps the next generation? 

Tom: You can either think about it with the mentality of a glass half full, or a glass half empty. 

Compared to when instagram initially started, think about where it is today, other surrounding platforms and what’s now possible as a means to showcase your work. Your work can be found and viewed by the world with just a few swipes and taps, as a creative I think it’s a no brainer to take advantage of what is available as we also live in some of craziest times, where you just never know what will happen tomorrow, or the day after…


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