Tom Sachs, ‘Ritual’ | Exhibition Recap

A couple of weeks ago, London paid host to its first ever ‘London Gallery Weekend’. This saw the coming together of around 130 leading galleries within the heart of London come together to offer a free to attend, annual event that celebrates culture and creativity within our diverse city. This gave serial gallery attenders and newcomers alike all come together to take in some of this culture whilst learning about some of the biggest artists.

One of those events that stood out to us was just around the corner from Footpatrol’s home in Soho. Tucked away on Dover Street sits Thaddaeus Ropac Ely House gallery where for the first time, an exhibition of new works was being shown by someone everyone in the sneaker community has come to know… Tom Sachs.

Aside from his very much sought after Nike collaborations, Tom Sachs is and always is a sculptor before anything else. Working with sculptures, Tom Sachs work has placed him into a unique position within contemporary sculptures that pay inspiration to a host of subcultures, especially corner shops that are situated throughout the globe with each offering such diversity within the modern city life.

Building these everyday objects, Tom Sachs utilises the use of everyday materials including plywood, cardboard, resin, tape and paint instantly building a contrast to the eye. The sculptures, often left exposed bear traces of their making, becoming reflections on the creation of value and human labour.

Take a look below at the exhibition and make sure to head over to Thaddaeus Ropac to find out more about how you can visit the exhibition.

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