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Collaboration’s are something we take pride in here at Footpatrol, and over the years we’ve been lucky enough to meet many talented & like-minded individuals within the creative space. Building long-lasting friendships along the way, in 2017 we thought it was only right to celebrate the power of collaboration through the launch of our Communi-T t-shirt series. Our Communi-T project continues to be our cherished efforts to shine a light on the works of our talented friends and family through the form of limited, never to be re-released t-shirts.

Collaborating with the likes of Mr. Phomer,  Mark Ward, Hotel Creative, Sneakerwolf, and Yee Poon – just to name a few, we take a trip down memory lane, revisiting all of our exciting Communi-T projects to date.

Mr Phomer

Our first-ever Communi-T series featured the likes of Lisbon-born artist Mr Phomer. Seamlessly applying his graffiti and cartoon-styled graphics to Footpatrol’s ‘Runnin Tings’ motto, the fit took creative inspiration from Phomer’s admiration of city life

Cerulean Crew

London-born duo Cerulean Crew was second in the line of creatives to work with us on the Communi-T project. With their illustration practices deeply burrowed in the world of vehicles, their unforgettable recreation of the Gas Mask logo on this t-shirt shares their love for the sneaker and streetwear industry.

U-Dox Creative

U-Dox CreativeConcluding our first round of Communi-T’s was Luminary London-based creative agency U-Dox. Serving over 15 years of friendship with Footpatrol, their Communi-T paid homage to the pre-internet times of discovering and finding rare shoes in stores, before the power of the digital space. 

Mark Ward

For this Communi-T we enlisted the help of one of our good friends Mark Ward. Contributing his illustrative style to Footpatrol branding that dates back to our OG residency in St Annes Court, we thought that we would celebrate his talent through an animated T-shirt design that showcased his witty style.

Face Oka

Series 002 saw our first ever international partner to work on the Communi-T series, Tokyo-born illustrator Face OKA. Working across different medias, Face OKA’s Communi-T showcased an all-new nature-inspired remodelling of the Gasmask logo.


Our Communi-T project with Tokyo-based illustrator Sneakerwolf was about honouring the cultures we know and love, reimagining our iconic Gasmask logo in a Kanji-Graphic style. 

Dukes Cupboard

To finish series 002 we celebrate the cultural hub that is Soho, we teamed up with our good ole’ friends at Dukes Cupboard, recreating a stylish rendition of the Communi-T with their unique typography style.

Hotel Creative

To kickstart Series 003 we enlisted a long-time friend of Footpatrol and the multi-disciplined agency, Hotel Creative. Hotel Creative’s recreation of the Communi-T stood loud and proud, incorporating their love for neon signs and pink into their designs.


Next up in Series 003, we teamed up with West Midlands-born, South London-based music producer Lament. Reworking their skeleton branding with the Footpatrol Gas mask logo.

Ghica Popa

In 2020 we showcased the unique illustrative style of Bucharest artist Ghica Popa. Inspired by his love of 80s cars and vehicles, this release saw the Footpatrol Gasmask and Bar logo transformed into a range of vehicles.


Niallycat Leicester-based illustrator Niallycat was next up in our Communi-T series, customising the Gasmask logo into a cartoon cat, with the wordmark on the back taking inspiration from an old Klashnekoff tune.   

Ken Carlos

In 2021, we linked up with East London-based tattoo artist Ken Carlos. Applying his fine line, single needle black and grey style on two tees exclusively designed for Footpatrol.

Robi Walters

Next up in the Communi-T series was Soho resident and contemporary artist Robi Walters, who created a design that was based on sacred geometry, and the thousand-petalled lotus featured in his series of works called ‘We Are Stardust’.

Earl Jeffers and Ral Duke

For the last installment of our 005 series, we partnered up with the multitalented duo and friends of Footpatrol, Producer/DJ Earl Jeffers and Producer/ Graphic artist Ral Duke to produce a special ‘Record Store Day’ Communi-T apparel drop.

Yee Poon

To celebrate International Women’s Day here at Footpatrol, we enlisted the help of British-Chinese graphic designer and illustrator Yee Poon. Her creation of the Communi-T utilised an ant print design to signify determination, unity, and loyalty.


We tapped Tokyo-based illustrator & artist Sayurinishikubo to collaborate on Communi-T Series 006. Sayurinishikubo’s character artwork takes inspiration from the famous Japanese manga basketball series Slam Dunk. Completing the graphic is a saying based on Michael Jordan’s words cementing the correlation between basketball and sneaker culture.


In 2022 Footpatrol entered the Metaverse. For this special collaboration we teamed up with Poligoonz to create a commemorative-styled Communi-T that when purchased, allowed FP consumers to be automatically entered into a raffle with a chance of winning a utility NFT. 

Series 007 Kicks off next week, stay tuned!

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