Saucony ‘Destination Unknown’ Pack with Aaron Hettey

30.11.21 General

With the launch of the Saucony Shadow 6000 ‘Destination Unknown’ pack, we teamed up with a trio of local photographers who bring their own unique approach to this latest release. 

At the heart of this latest pack are the dreamers who are constantly on the pursuit of discovering something new, finding new territories in the aid of producing individualistic, interesting work. With that in mind, we caught up with Tyler Little, Aaron Hettey and Alice Holland, three creative photographers at a London train station and provided them with a train ticket (Including a return of course). With each of them having a pair of the Saucony’s on foot and with their destination unknown, we sent them on their way. With bright colours to provide a pop against the muted tones, giving a traditional yet cosmopolitan utilitarian feel, they were challenged with documenting the local area and the culture trying to tell the story of each respected location.

Take a closer look at Aaron Hettey who ended up visiting Folkestone.

Footpatrol: Aaron it’s a pleasure as always to see you, how are you?

Aaron Hettey: I’m good thank you, hope you’ve been well.

FP: Let’s take it from the top and start off with about you to give the Footpatrol community a bit of insight into who you are?

AH: I’m Aaron Hettey. I’m a photographer, advertising creative and co-founder of @fusionnetworkuk, a live performance and networking platform designed to connect ambitious creatives.

FP: What got you into photography, I know that you have been doing it for quite a while but what was the catalyst?

AH: I’ve always had a passion for photography and creative culture, but I’d say 2018 was when  HetteyImages was born. My friend @lekkyfromse was shooting on film and I loved his photos and what film brought to them. I soon picked up my own point and shoot and started taking it to events and just capturing the energy of the London scene and then things just progressed from there. 

FP: I know you predominantly take portraits in your work. Do you have a preference in circumstances to shoot under, do you like to keep things more editorial, events or are you fairly open dependent on the project?

AH: I’d say it depends on the project, I started in events and I still love it to this day, particularly live music. The dynamism and chaos of the pits are a real experience! 

But if I had to pick I’d lean more towards portraiture. I really enjoy what you’re able to do with portraits.

FP: Let’s talk a bit about this project, how was it trying to capture the story of Folkestone through its locals. I know it’s not your normal shoot style but was it easy enough to get into the flow of things once you started?

AH: I’ve not done much photography under those conditions before so there was a little bit of an adjustment period. There were a couple “no’s” throughout the day but the locals were always warm and hospitable. It was super interesting to observe the culture of treasure hunting that exists in the Folkestone and it’s beaches. I was very intrigued by the hobby and this formed the focus of some of my images. Who knows, I may head back there soon!

FP: Aaron, thanks so much again for being here with us and really appreciate you coming down. Before we let you go is there anything you would like to share to the Footpatrol readers and followers?

AH: Yeah, man. I’d like to thank you guys at Fp for the opportunity and yeah follow me @hetteyimages & @fusionnetworkuk

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