Footpatrol Gasmask Incense Chamber | Launching 04.12.21

Over the years at Footpatrol. We have worked on a range of accessories, from keyrings, door keys, jewellery and even homeware pieces. Our interests outside of Footpatrol span far and wide which is what brings such diversity in our projects and collaborations. 

To further broaden our horizons. Footpatrol have teamed up with 3D printing specialists, Batch.Works and fragrance experts, Earl of East to bring to you a Gasmask inspired Incense chamber and special Footpatrol incense to pair alongside it. 

Earl of East was founded in 2014 as a shared passion project between Niko Dafkos and Paul Firmin. Since launch it has grown into a business built around a love for fragrance. What started as 3 candles soon developed into a whole range of lifestyle and beauty products.

To best showcase the work Earl of East produce, we partnered up to produce Footpatrol scented incense composed of a balanced blend of cedarwood & jasmine essential oils. The aim was not only to create a scent that helped alleviate stress, anxiety and heighten your mood turning your home into that happy place we all like to keep tucked away in our minds. 

Based in East London, Batch.Works have been pushing the realm of 3D printing by turning it into forms that fit perfectly within households. Using the latest technology Batch.Works have focused their attention on being able to produce in an eco-friendly way ensuring the materials they use are recycled and responsibly sourced either from sugarcane starch or recycled packaging.

From turning our prestigious Gasmask logo into a 3D printed item, the team at Batch.Works worked closely with Nicole and Yunji, a duo of emerging ceramicist talent who worked meticulously by hand to create a limited run of ceramic Black incense chambers using the 3D printed model as the original mould. 

Simply place a lit incense cone on the base within the chamber and watch as the smoke drifts out of the openings within the Gasmask chamber.  

Limited to 100 pieces, the Footpatrol Gasmask Incense Chamber and Incense Cones (sold separately) will be launching in-store and online on Saturday 4th December (Available online from 08:00AM GMT), priced between £20 – £100.

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