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04.12.20 General

Through out this year, we reached out to the community to learn more about their collections, giving them the tough task of choosing a Top 5. Though some people broke this rule and showed 6, or even came back for a second go, It was really interesting to see such a wide, diverse range of footwear that at the end of the day, suited each person depending on their personal style and their wants and needs when it comes to buying sneakers.

At Footpatrol, we’re no different and now we’re coming to the end of 2020, we thought we’d give you an insight into our current rotations and what we’re wearing at the moment. 

Whether it’s old or new, GR or collaborations, bold prints or stripped back colour ways, we are all passionate about sneakers here at Footpatrol so over the next coming weeks, a different member of TEAMFP will share their current rotation of sneakers.

After showcasing what one of our creative photographers, Tom, was wearing, this week we take a look at one of the social team, Jake. Though for most, the weather plays a part in what footwear is chosen, Jake tends to stray away from this and wears what he wants that morning… then regrets it later that day.

Footpatrol: So, can you tell us a bit more as to why you’ve chosen this rotation?

Jake: If I’m honest, I’m not the best when it comes to taking care of my shoes. I mean, I’m not running around jumping through puddles and what not but my rotation is very much built on how I’m feeling and what I want to wear that day as opposed to the weather… unless its absolutely chucking it down or snowing for example then the above is how my mindset works.

With that in mind, the AFFIX ASICS Novablast or the Tom Sachs aren’t so winter ready with the unpredictable weather we’re graced with in the UK but I love the subtle colour palettes and both go so well with absolutely anything. Again, the Comme des Garcons Nike Dunk, the semi translucent material isn’t the best for these times or the warmest of shoes but they’re such an eye catching pair that when coupled with a simple outfit, they can make all the difference… Can you see what I mean about not picking the best shoes?

The Nike Alphafly I had to include… Though the team will judge me for this, this is one of the shoes I was most excited for in 2020. I’ve always been intrigued by the Breaking2 project so when this latest silhouette come to life, I was instantly hooked. Working from home the majority of the time, some days the only time I’ll leave the house is for a run so on my weekend runs when i’m putting in those longer miles, looking for a PB or teaming up with Your Friendly Running Club, these are my go to. The ‘Watermelon’ colourway has been helping me set those PB’s whilst the ‘Lime Blast’ colourway sits peacefully in their box as a ‘Nice Thing to Have’.

The Kiko Kostadinov ASICS GLYDELYTE III is the newest to my collection. Those that know me know my other bad habit is when I buy something, I have to wear it straight away so this meant that these had to be included… so you’ll see these on foot for the foreseeable.

FP: Is there something you look for in a release before buying it?

Jake: Nine times out of ten, it comes down to the colour way and the materials. It can be the most simplistic colours like that on the Tom Sachs or AFFIX ASICS Novablast, or it can be outlandish like the Undercover Nike React Element 87 ‘Volt’ where a host of extreme colours are so perfectly executed… anything in between and you’ve lost me.

For me, a story behind a shoe doesn’t really do much for me unless it’s something I can relate to or look at and believe the meanings behind it. Sometimes I feel a story is just attached to the product without much thought or context so I tend to stray away from this. 

FP: Give us 3 pairs that you think deserve some attention and love within your collection?

New Balance 1300JP: Though recreated every 5 years, 5 years is a long time so I’m scared to ruin them beyond the point of no return.

Hender Scheme Peel Gore: Japanese craftsmanship at its finest.

Comme des Garcons Nike Vapormax: This was back in the days when I queued outside DSM from 3AM, 10th person in and managed to grab the last pair in my size but with no time to try on, they ended up fitting slightly too big so it always makes me shy away from them.

FP: Tell us a special model within your collection, what is it and why do you love them so much? 

Jake: To be honest, there isn’t one shoe within my collection that is repeated over and over again however, there is one recurring theme within my collection and that’s collaborations which I put this down to my education. Having studied graphic design at UWE in Bristol, there was always a big push and we were always encouraged to work with others, whether that’s within the local community or those within the university. 

It’s always exciting to see what people can create when there are multiple creative minds at work or when an individual is given a silhouette to rework it in their minds. You only need to look at sacai and Nike, Kiko and ASICS or even Kanghyuk’s recent ‘Advanced Concept’ project with Reebok. It’s great to see brands let creatives do their thing.

FP: Before you run off! Tell us one new trick you learnt during this year’s lockdowns?

Jake: Does managing to convince family members to hand over their Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV details without contributing to monthly payments count as a trick? If so, then yeah, that…

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