Salomon XT-6 10Y | Draw Now Closed!

The journey of Salomon has been one we’ve seen grow and grow over recent years. First and foremost a performance brand, Salomon have been popping up on runways around the world with the upsurge in the outdoor trends and fashion world colliding.

Now, we help Salomon celebrate the 10th anniversary of the XT-6 with this special prototype edition. Limited to 804 pairs worldwide, this iteration takes on a prototype guise that is synonymous within the Salomon line up.


Te London in-store draw is now CLOSED!

To enter, you’re required to sign up via the above forms, these WON’T be available in-store to sign up on. 

In-store winners will be contacted via email informing them of their win. Within this email, winners will be given a set of dates in which they must collect their win from our London store. To collect, you will need to provide the winning email and a valid photographic government ID matching the winners name. NO ONE can collect on the winners behalf. Failure to provide this, or failure to collect within the given dates will mean failure to purchase your win.

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