Salomon FW19 | Now Available

A brand built upon competition, Salomon have been crafting excellence since the 1940’s. Originally known for their breakthrough in skiing technology, Salomon have built their reputation on quality and innovation.

Recently however, Salomon have started to appear on the feet of many attending fashion weeks around the world after an uplift in the current outdoors and hiking trends coming through into the fashion world.

For FW19 we have taken to the streets with the latest styles available at Footpatrol.

Known for their trail running appearance, we’ve taken Salomon and brought them to Soho, away from the great outdoors and welcoming them to the densely populated streets of the city.

The Salomon XT4 and XT6 are two of Salomons most iconic silhouettes. With both having a TPU film welded on to the abrasion resistant mesh, this makes for a combination suitable to take on either the most rugged terrain or curb stomping through the streets whilst maintaining a lightweight and durable approach, perfect for those wet and colder months.Shop now in-store and online

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