P-Rallel Mantra Warm up Mix

14.10.19 Frequent Players

As part of our up-coming Mantra night at Phonox, Brixton, we sat down with resident producer and DJ P-Rallel to speak about his beginnings to where he finds himself today. 

Hailing from West London, P-Rallel has found himself as a resident at the well-known London radio station, NTS. Having built a name for himself for breathing a sense of new life into the scene within the capital with his unpredictability when it comes to track selections… meaning the only thing you know from going to see him live, is that it’s going to be an unforgettable set.

In preparation for our night at Mantra, P-Rallel has taken to the decks and recorded a teaser of what’s to expect.

Make sure you check out P-Rallel warm up mix for us ahead of performing at Mantra. Find P-Rallel alongside Jael, Complexion, Sharnie and a very special guest at Phonox on Saturday 19th October. 

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Footpatrol – What was it that got you into producing & DJing? You’ve worked with some great artists already, was there anything (or anyone) that inspired you to get into the music industry?

P-Rallel – I got into it through my boys at Elevation Meditation, they were doing their music thing and I caught sight of it, and it made me want to build a studio in my bedroom and help them out. Whilst helping them out I was also learning too, everyone was winning. I did that for a while then 2015, Rejjie Snow hits me up saying he needed a studio and I messaged him back and said it’s a home studio, but he can come if he wants. Rejjie told me he’s coming but he’s coming with his boy, Playboy Carti. At this time, I didn’t know who Playboy Carti was, I was completely oblivious. They came through and recorded and after that I learnt about those two artists and thought wow, then I also started becoming more aware what was going on in the scene. Say a year later Bakar hits me up saying he needed an engineer for Milkavelli so I started engineering that at Lily Allen’s studio, that’s where I met my mentor/manager Theo who’s been helping me out. So that’s what got me into the music scene.

FP – We heard also you are going on Dublin tomorrow with Slowthai, how did you guys meet and end up working together?

P-Rallel – The first time we met, JD.Reid was doing a session at Redbull Studio for his tape. Slowthai and 808ink had a song together and my manager just told me to pull up and sit in the session, watch it and chill with those guys. Then like 3 years later Jeshi was on tour with Slowthai and I was DJing for him. While I was DJing for him I was also DJing before and after Jeshi’s sets kind of warming up for Thai. Then Thai said he wanted me to come on the next tour, so I did and now I’m on this one coming up again. It’s a nice relationship you know, during the summer if can get myself to any festivals he would always say come DJ for us. 

FP – What are you most looking forward to with the Mantra residency?

P-Rallel – A story. An experience I can do chatty patty about when I’m 40 and talk about some crazy shit that went down at Phonox. Also, a place I can call home/Dojo and where people know where to catch me and vibes with the kid.

FP – Being so immersed within the music industry already, do you think that’s influenced your sneaker game or have you always had your own style that you’ve stuck to?

P-Rallel – It’s a mix of both, it’s definitely being in this scene and industry that has increased my knowledge of trainers and what I actually would want on my feet. With me I just like tech-wear, anything that is technically made and fits on a human body I just love it, also anything that’s got that Boost technology that’s light on your feet.

FP – You’re more into the functionality, right?

P-Rallel – Exactly if I’m on my feet all day I need to be comfy there’s no need to look good all the time.

FP – What is your go to pair on a day to day basis?

P-Rallel – Nike Reacts 

FP – Any particular one?

P-Rallel – I got both models I normally just wear my black ones they’re comfortable, if it’s not those though my its Y-3 Boost if I know I’m on my feet all day then I wear one of those.

FP – Having worked with a lot of emerging artists is there any emerging talent you’re looking forward to hearing more from in the future?

P-Rallel – Everyone I grew up with, everyone I did music with from 2015 onwards, anyone I’ve met everyone knows who they are. They’re they only people who I really care about. Keep the faith in people I really want to see strive and it makes me happy when they do.

FP – Finally, can you let us know what’s in the pipeline for P-Rallel?P-rallel – So, I just dropped a song with Sam Wise, I’m also about to drop an EP in November. I’m going to be at Phonox nearly all the time cos I’m a resident now. Meet me there, if you ever want to meet me.

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