Reebok x Eames with Maurice, 2&4 Vintage

01.01.24 Footpatrol Discussions

To celebrate the launch of the latest Eames x Reebok collection, we headed down to well known mid century furniture store 2&4 Vintage. A treasure trove of delights, we sat down with owner Maurice to learn more about the shop, the unique criteria of product they deal in and of course, a closer look at the latest Eames x Reebok collection.

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FP: Hey Maurice, hope you’re well, thank you for letting us come down and work with you on the latest EAMES x Reebok Collection. Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you do?  

Maurice: We specialise in the curation & restoration of mid-century furniture & lighting. Mostly items from the 1960’s, 70’s & 80’s. Scandinavian & British modernist items are a staple for the shop.

FP: How did 2&4 Vintage come to be? 

Maurice: 2&4 Vintage have evolved from a background in furniture & interior accessories design and production during the late 90’s & early 00’s. A dissolution with mass production & disposable culture led to re-visiting past history of modernist design & hence 2&4 Vintage furniture began. 

FP: With 2&4 offering a constantly evolving range of iconic Scandinavian and British design, what are some of your favourite styles to date? And why do you think these styles are showing permanent relevance and appeal, as opposed to a passing trend?

Maurice: The standout features of mid-century style is how ergonomically correct they are for todays modern living. Furthermore, the build quality is something that modern production often doesn’t have. Obviously, most, if not all, of the timbers used are not available on the market today. Timbers like rosewood, afromosa and burmese teak are rainforest protected, so it is very important that the furniture made from these materials are brought back to life by restoration, and kept for the next generation.  

FP: Are there any patterns in what you see being bought or even sold at the moment? A particular chair? Light? table?

Maurice: This year we have seen a younger informed shopper buying items, aware of the history of the product, conscience of sustainability & also understanding the timeless quality of these items.

FP: Now, we know that there is also a restoration service. Is it a case of no job is to big, or do you thrive off the challenges that may come with repairing such intricate and delicate designs?

Maurice: The restoration is dedicated to our own inhouse carefully selected items. It’s very rewarding to see design classics restored, and brought back to their original state. 

FP: Do you have any current favourite designers that have adopted that mid-century style? 

Maurice: I’m aware that there are modern designers that are influenced by mid-century style, but for me they never match the elegance of the originals. 

FP: How often do you see EAMES coming in and out of the shop? And have you done any recent restorations on their products? 

Maurice: Eames designs are obviously classics, and fit perfectly into the shop mix of Scandinavian wood based items. We don’t see Eames items as often as we like.

FP:  What are some of your favourite EAMES pieces?

Maurice: The original Herman Miller designs are the favourite.

FP: Can you give us any do’s and don’ts when it comes to handling and restoring not only EAMES items but infact any from a similar period? 

Maurice: It’s very important to do your research into techniques, as each item has its own requirements, and authenticity is upmost in all restoration.

FP: We know you also host events and exclusive showcases like the recent John McLusky James Bond exhibit. Can you tell us more about what might be planned for 2024? 

Maurice: The first showcase of the year will be at the end of January with a series of ten one-off chairs. Details to be announced on Instagram. 

FP: Well, again thank you for letting us come and talk with you, and if there are any shoutouts or words of wisdom for people perhaps looking to get into restoration or even thinking of opening a store themselves? 

Maurice: You should have a passion for and understanding of the product you sell.

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