Frequent Players Guest Mix 048 | Bayden

11.01.24 Frequent Players

To kick start our Frequent Players franchise in ’24, we travel from Birmingham to Copenhagen with Bayden. Having grown up within a family who constantly had on the likes of Reggae, Soul and Rock but the current sound on his estate being Grime and Jungle it meant we’re in for a real journey of genres for our latest mix.

We sit down with Bayden to learn more about his move to Copenhagen, the music scene out there and how those influences have helped him on his journey within the world of music.

Footpatrol: Hey Chad, hope you’re well and your christmas + new year has been chilled. We’re looking forward to kicking off the year with you and I’m personally excited it’s with someone so close to home.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and what it is you do?  

CB: All good thanks, family time at Christmas is always special. I’m looking forward to ‘24 and this is a great place to start, appreciate the opportunity! So, I’m born and raised in Birmingham, lived some time in Manchester and then moved to Copenhagen. At the moment, I’m a DJ and work in events and projects. 

FP: Why the move to Copenhagen?

CB: Truthfully, I just wanted to experience living outside of the UK but didn’t necessarily want to take that carefree traveler route! I was finishing up my Bachelor’s degree in Manchester and applied for a Master’s in Copenhagen and that was that, it gave the move a purpose.

FP: And how was the transition? You’ve been there a while now? 

CB: Yep, 7 years. It was actually pretty smooth, it helped to have that grounding as a student but I always had aspirations to get involved and explore the subcultural scenes of the city. 

I’ve met some good people and made great friends through shared interest in music, culture etc. It’s essential to have a strong network!

FP: Where does the interest in DJing start? And what have been your past and present influences?

CB: I come from a household that always had music playing and grew up listening to Reggae, Dancehall, Soul & Rock through my family. But being raised on a council estate, the sound at the time was Grime, Garage, Jungle etc. That blend of influences will never leave me, I love the pirate radio sound and looking to the past for music. By the time I actually stepped to the decks though, I was into House, Disco, Modern Soul & Boogie records. Recently, I guess I’ve been banging Hip Hop, RnB, Afrobeats, Amapiano & UK club stuff  so… Yeah, it fluctuates a lot. I just love tunes. 

FP: You’ve frequented Balamii, NTS, and other community channels, can you tell us about your connection to the channels and their importance in pushing music from around the world?

CB: Authenticity. That’s what it’s about for me. This kind of radio is so great as it champions authentic music, sounds and real people. It connects the dots within a local community and extends that across the world. There is so much amazing music out there. Personally, I just love the freedom and formless nature of doing radio, you can really experiment and just play what you feel without the pressure of keeping a dance floor moving. 

FP: Can you also tell us about VIM and elaborate on just what is the ‘VIBESCAPE’

CB: VIM = Energy. The VIBESCAPE is found in the tensions of cultural heritage and diaspora futures. It’s that continuum of energy that stems from pre-colonial Africa through to the current day and beyond. It’s about exploring, celebrating and championing creativity, music, dance and big positive vibes and again, energy! 

We’ve been putting on parties and events with this foundation in mind for a couple of years now and the support and love from our community has been amazing. Huge thanks and love to them and of course to Kai and Edem, we’re a strong team and good friends!

FP: How does DJing in Copenhagen compare to the UK? On the face of it and when we’ve previously visited, Copenhagen seems a lot more laid back and relaxed. Is there a big nightlife scene?

CB: This is actually mad but I’ve never actually played physically in the UK. But generally, the UK has a long history of respect and reverence for club music and DJ culture and it’s embedded into the culture. Copenhagen, not so much, it’s a much more homogenous place and the scene is naturally a lot smaller. Though there is definitely a nicely bubbling nightlife scene which is growing for sure. Dane’s love to let loose. 

FP: Often the connection between music and sneakers is tightly knitted, whether its origin story of Air Force in NYC or the constant dispute between which UK city ‘owns’ the 110.

How does Copenhagen compare to other cities in this regard? Does the ‘sneakerhead’ exist? 

CB: The sneakerhead definitely does exist out here, there’s a lot of enthusiasts. It’s a little more of a trend-based model though I find. Once a trainer is hot out there you cannot move for it but you’ll find them discarded at flea markets by the next year. Birmingham owns 110’s by the way haha. 

FP: Do you have any scheduled shows or upcoming mixes people can keep an eye out for? 

CB: You know what, I’ve had a bit of a break from radio but I really enjoyed doing the Frequent Players mix in a similar style. I’m enthused to get back on radio so keep an ear out! Also, keep an eye on VIM @vim.1.25 as there’s a lot to come this year!

FP: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us Chad, we wish you all the best in 2024 and if there are any shoutouts or words of wisdom to bestow on readers for 2024 then the floor is yours. 

CB: Appreciate it. _____ TBC

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