Real Talk Sessions | Part 1: Do I Need A Record Label?

11.06.19 Frequent Players

In conjunction to Soho Music Month, we partnered up with Future Bubblers to host Real Talk Sessions – a talk held across 4 weeks featuring guest speakers within the music industry.

Each talk is an open and safe environment for both guests and attendees to openly discuss about all things music. Each week is built around a different topic. Part 1 revolved around ‘Do I Need A Record Label?’ and featured guests such as Moses Boyd and Brownswood Recordings duo Gilles Peterson and Emily Moxton. Each speaker discussing their experiences and graft within the music industry and how their ear for music provides a platform for the artists they sign. In addition, how they’ve adapted to todays social media world and how that has affected their way of work.

At the end of the segment was a Q&A session which allowed the chance for attendees to gain in-depth views on how to go about their personal journey.

Stay tuned for Part 2: How Do I Get Played On Radio?

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