Nike REACT LW WR Mid ISPA – Coming Soon

16.11.18 General

Over the last couple of years Nike have been slowly merging their performance and lifestyle lines, to the point where the lines between what is everyday and what is functional are now blurred. This is because functionality isn’t something that should be left on the running track or on a hiking trail, functionality is needed in day to day life. It is this thinking that has inspired the ISPA collection.

ISPA stands for “Improvise, Scavenge, Protect and Adapt” and is essentially a philosophy that suggests that in a society that is constantly changing it is necessary to be able to change with it and adapt to overcome any obstacle.

Improvise – never be blocked by the first answer to a problem. Improvise to see if it can be improve

Scavenge – to find the materials you need scavenge and pull together the best available options to solve the problem

Protect – your solution must protect against the problem

Adapt – adapt all solutions to fit their broadest potentials

Above all ISPA is a solution to perpetual challenges. This philosophy has informed the Nike React Mid ISPA and led to the swoosh developing the design to overcome the problems that any athlete, or even modern day commuter, may face. The React sole has been put in place to ensure comfort and easy manoeuvrability whatever you are doing, while the upper is comprised of breathable waterproof material, which ensures the wearer remains protected from unforgiving British elements. Coming soon to Footpatrol…


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