Nike ISPA Flow 2020 SE ‘Spruce’ & ‘Olive’ | Available Now!

Since launching in November of 2018, Nike ISPA has steadfastly worked under its organizing philosophy: Improvise. Scavenge. Protect. Adapt.

The actions form a set of design principles manifested as a pinnacle experimental expression of Nike design across all categories, including the latest innovations and established creations.

Having seen the highly anticipated Nike ISPA Road Warrior and Overreact FK release as part of the Nike ISPA 2020 collection, next in line to release is the Nike ISPA Flow.

With a similar aesthetic to the Overract FK silhouette, the ISPA Flow does have its difference. Perfect for the summer heat, the ISPA Flow strips down the essentials to adapt to the unexpected in order to balance stability and style. The upper features a mono mesh material for maximum breathability whilst the rest contain more see-through panels further form a layered dimension at the eye stay and side. The outsole is brought to its most lightweight and breathable through a perforated outsole that allows internal intake of airflow.

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