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Stevey Ryder is no stranger when it comes to Nike and the brand’s well known Airmax 1 model. Over the years Stevey has collected some of the most sought after Airmax 1 pairs that have ever been released and in some cases pairs that never even saw the light of day! Nikes Powerwall series was no exception!

With the original series launching back in 2006, we move forward 14 years to a time where little is known about the Powerwall series inspirational origins. What is for certain though, is the fact that it brought some of the most highly regarded paris to ever grace the sneaker scene in some of the most important Nike silhouettes. 

With the widely spoken about launch of the Airmax 1 ‘Limeade’ fast approaching, we spoke to London’s very own Master of Air to discuss his thoughts and views on this Powerwall inspired Airmax.

Scroll below to catch our interview with Stevey and for all raffle information…

Footpatrol: Stevey Ryder, it’s great to have you back! How have you been?

Stevey Ryder: I’ve been good!

FP: The general public especially the London community know your love for the Airmax 1 is eternal! How is your collection looking these days, is it still continuing to grow?

SR: It’s growing haha!! Because brands have been on fleet, they’ve been pushing a lot of products out so I’ve been doing more than I normally would do as a result you know, you don’t want to keep having to come back to hunt for stuff whilst we can get it for retail now. So yeah it’s been busy!

FP: That’s not a bad thing though by the sounds of it you’re enjoying yourself!

SR: Yeah exactly, on my way to 1987 you get me!

FP: Last time talking about the Airmax 720 and this time we’ve brought you here today to talk about the latest rendition of the Airmax 1, the ‘Limeade’. What are your first impressions of this release?

SR: I’m digging them a lot a lot a lot!!! They are like a cross between a Lemonade and BRS for one, I like the details on the swoosh. It’s a much sort after pair, not so much these yet but the OG. To be able to even get them in 2 new colourways i think it dope. I wouldn’t mind if there did all of the Airmax 1 Powerwall colourways in 3 different colour ways each!

FP: That would have been mad! Obviously, this pair has taken inspiration for one of the most highly sought after Airmax 1’s, the ‘Lemonade’ from one of Nike’s largest packs, the Powerwall series. How do you feel about them making a new rendition of this model?

SR: I would prefer for them to leave what’s come along and push the boundaries. What they did with this instead of just bringing back the retro Airmax 1 ‘Lemonade’, they have made 2 brand new iterations of it, you gotta respect that. As long as they keep on moving and design more different kinds of styles, different collaborators it’s alright. It’s like the Albert Hiejn Airmax 1, I put it on the map like this. With the white ‘Masters of Air’ pair, if Nike were to release them as a GR or hype release it would kind of be disappointing for myself. So it was only at that point when I got why they never released Albert Heijn. With pairs like the Albert Heijn, what it’s created should just remain and not be retroed; some things are just best left alone.

FP: So would you say you’re more into them remastering a pair creating newer renditions as opposed to rereleasing an existing pair?

SR: Yeah definitely!

FP: For me that pack is the best series of shoes Nike Do you have a favourite pair from the Powerwall series?

SR: BRS 1s, Morning Glory 1s – copped these from Footpatrol back in the day! These have always been a favourite, low key. I don’t really like black top shoes but this is next level, this is one of the only pairs of black shoes that I love….. Apart from the masters! haha

FP: Other than the Airmax 1 is there another pair from that pack you think would have worked for this release?

SR: The 90. The ‘Lemonade’ 90, the ‘BRS’ 90, ‘Sunblush’ 90, the ‘Atomic Green’ Airmax 180, I think the 97s would have done well also. Definitely the Airmax 90 they are 2nd to the Airmax 1.

FP: Bearing in mind it’s the anniversary for the Airmax 90, I’m surprised they didn’t go with the ‘Lemon Frost’ instead.

SR: It would have made sense, but at the same time those Airmax 1 heads wouldn’t be getting as much love then! 

There’ve been a few pairs that have come out, I’ve seen a few that were US exclusive and did not release over here which are nice. The hype in the states though isn’t as big as it is over here, we are generally runners fans in Europe. 

I think even the 93s in this would do well, I know there are some 93 heads out there that aren’t getting much love!

FP: I think the 93s are the best pairs in the series. The details on each pair are crazy, the Whites, ‘Green Beans’, and the Tier-0 laser details mimicking the other models are just sick. The best is the BRS 93 though, that is the most understated model. 

SR: I saw those BRS for cheap but they weren’t my size so I left them but it was something for less than £200 and this was recent!

FP: Stevey it’s been great to talk again, thank you for being here with us today! 

SR: Na man it’s all good! Thanks for having me.

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