Footpatrol x Your Friendly Running Club | Event Recap

On Saturday 12th September, ourselves and ‘Your Friendly Running Club’ were able to get together once again to celebrate the launch of the Nike Raw Kinetic Pack at Footpatrol.

Having had the opportunity to direct and shoot members of YFRC previously, the shoe was firmly on the other foot for this celebration with members Oliver and Sam inviting down the crew to take Footpatrol out on a 5km run around the streets of London.

Luckily for us, the whole approach of the running club is to be as relaxed and welcoming as possible, as Oliver mentions “I think there are a lot of established clubs out there that are super well structured in their approaches and how they work… For us, although I wouldn’t say we were as well organised, our approach tries to be a lot more relaxed. Whether this is the structure of runs a week or in the way we run. We aim to be easy going with a core membership that welcomes people to come and go when they are available. Everyones got a full time day job, everyone’s relaxed about their approaches and its overall, welcoming. The only rule we have is that the last person to arrive to the run, buys the first persons coffee…”.

A massive thank you to all of those that took part in the run and we hope to see you all again soon and for more information on future YFRC runs head over to their Instagram.

Take a look below at the recap of what went down…

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