Nike Air Force 1 ‘Chilli’ with Kold Sauce

For the launch of the Nike Air Force 1 ‘Chilli’, it only made sense to take the silhouette to revisit its natural habitat with the help of ‘Kold Sauce‘.

Originally born in the states, Kold Sauce is based and brewed within our very own city of London. Thousands of chillies and hundreds of trials later, Kold Sauce have succeeded in their mission of providing a sauce with the same reds, no frills (but provides a taste with all the frills), American hot pepper that those state side know and love. The only difference is the juxtaposition of its name. Dubbed Kold Sauce, the idea was to throw you off the sent in the hope of you splashing it across every meal with no hesitation and in the Footpatrol office, it sure has had that effect.

Now, in 2022 and with its 40th anniversary nearly coming to an end, Nike also celebrate the chilli with its very own Air Force 1. A slightly yellow hue reminiscent of chilli seeds works its way across the upper and midsole with its eye-catching red hairy suede takes dominance much like the strong flavours.

Take a closer look at our catch up with Kold Sauce below and make sure to check out the Air Force 1 Chilli in-store and online here at Footpatrol.

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