Miles Wintner for Footpatrol Apparel Collection

Defying his own lane of hyperrealist style as well as being continuously lauded for his ostentatious display of music inspired illustration, we have enlisted the help of artist Miles Wintner for our latest commission project. We tasked Miles Wintner to create a series of graphics inspired by era’s of music. 

From his satirical use of humour to his spanning catalogue of eclectic album covers, Miles Wintner is always finding new ways to deliver a new lease of life to the archives – mainly fulfilling the artistic needs for the indie music scene and many others alike. 

Utilising his own experimental ambition and vision of album art, he has come out with three lively t-shirt iterations: ‘Illusions’, ’Time Stretch’ and ‘Radials’ accompanied by a hoodie that are all inspired by different generations of music.

Nodding to the 80’s music era and surrealist design the illusion T-shirt arrives in a crisp white cotton body with neighbouring Footpatrol branding that is adorned to the chest. Paired with a sleek and abstract graphic moniker that coats the reverse that completes this conceptual fit. The Time Stretch tee is emblematic of the electronic music realm and includes Footpatrol branding with a graphic accented to the back that is also offered in a white hue.

The radials T-shirt draws inspiration from the outdoor music festival and comes in a tempting black and white option, followed by branding aforementioned and a stylish graphic that sits on the reverse. This ample design is also previewed in a black hoodie form.  

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