Ken Carlos for Footpatrol | Now Available!

19.02.24 Launches

The relationship between Footpatrol and Ken Carlos began back in 2021 by an introduction to via a previous staff member. Upon meeting Ken, we quickly developed a mutual understanding of each other’s brands. After a couple in-person meet-ups and a few conference calls, our friendship was further cemented through our first collaboration together working to collaborate with the Footpatrol brand.

Off the success of our Communi-T collaboration, in early 2023, we reached out to Ken to see if he was game for another collaboration (something more along the lines of a mini-capsule collection). Today we happily present to you the Ken Carlos for Footpatrol ‘Good Times/Bad Times’ collection.

The Good Times/Bad Times capsule collection pays homage to the love of his art craft, that is tattooing, and the connections built between the artist and the client. Each piece in the collection explores both the foundation & progression in the art of tattooing, from the classic pieces like the English rose, updated and illustrated in barbed wire form, to the meticulously detailed swoops on the Old English calligraphy lettering.

Like Ken says in the trailer video

“Art imitates life”

The Ken Carlos for Footpatrol ‘Good Times/Bad Times’ capsule collection is now available! Shop remaining sizes online by clicking here.

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