Jaden Smith x New Balance Vision Racer | Sold Out!

For 2020, New Balance have called upon Jaden Smith to bring his bold and unique vision to the New Balance line up.

Taking design cues from his favourite New Balance models including the X-Racer and 1700, Jaden Smith brings a hands on approach to the Vision Racer by taking these classic design cues from the New Balance design language and combines this with his progressive and forward thinking ideas to create this visually striking concept.

Another one of Smith’s key passions aside from fashion are his environmental concerns. When working on the Vision Racer, this coming together was an opportunity to explore the use of materials and building process, only adding to his hands on approach. With this in mind, each element of the Vision Racer incorporates¬†partially¬†recycled materials and the shoe is vegan-friendly.¬†

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