Introducing Altra | Now Available!

08.03.24 Performance

For 2024, we continue to build our performance offering at Footpatrol with the introduction of Altra.

Still a relatively new brand with 10 years behind them, it hasn’t stopped them in their pursuit of technology innovation and pushing what is possible. Built on close friendship, the brand was founded by Brian Beckstead and Golden Harper who met on their first day of cross-country practice at Orem High School out in Utah.

“We ran cross country and track, we practiced hard, we worked at the running store, and we just totally became shoe nerds” – Brian Beckstead

This all began with a simple recipe of sticking a pair of shoes in a toaster oven. This allowed co-founder Golden Harper to remove the heel of the shoe and balance it out. Therefore creating a shoe that he felt didn’t obstruct the way he ran and in turn, create a shoe that offered a normal feeling running shoe.

It was this that lead to the Balanced Cushioning and Footshape design. A combination that looks to address the biological differences between mens and women feet and make sure that whatever foot shape you are, there is something for you. Something for you to feel comfortable to run in.

To celebrate the brand now available at Footpatrol, we took a quick train ride out of Londons concrete jungle to the picturesque landscape of Surrey to see what this brand is all about!

Make sure to check out the full collection online here.

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