Frequent Players Guest Mix 050 | STEPHANE

14.03.24 Frequent Players

Our Frequent Players platform continues to grow and shine a light on musicians and DJ’s who are cemented within our community. This month, we speak to Stephane. Doing the most within the scene at the moment, Stephane often looks to blend a mixture of contemporary French and international rap to create a unique sound that travels the globe.

With that said, make sure to get locked in to Frequent Players Guest Mix 050 and take a look through when we caught up with Stephane.

Footpatrol: Hi Stephane, hope you’re good, thank you for taking the time to chat with us, I’m very excited to get you involved as we’ve been listening to the shows for some years, so thank you and welcome! 

STEPHANE: Thank you guys for listening to the shows! 

FP: Firstly, Can you let us know who you are and what it is you do? 

STEPHANE: I run @goodpl.ay, put on shows in Paris and London, A&R and manage. I’ve also been a resident on NTS radio for the past four years. At the moment I’m working on different projects with Scuti, tn_490 and French rapper Zeu.

FP: With an emphasis on French and international rap, where did this all start? What are your influences and inspirations? 

STEPHANE: When I was about 10 a friend gave me a dozen cd’s. A lot of different stuff, from Dr Dre to french rap classics all the way to the Beatles. After that, I always wanted to know about music history. 

FP: How do you find drill, trap, hip-hop, rap is received from city to city, do you find different cities feed off different artists and genres? 

STEPHANE: In London there’s less borders for artists between the different scenes. Artists like Skepta that are free to go from Grime to Rap to House with no issue. In France we have JUL, rapping crud on house beats and inventing a whole new hybrid sound (“Type Jul”, which influenced rappers all over Europe, each of them doing huge numbers, like Morad, Ashafar, Rhove, Elai etc..). It’s funny to me how both situations are so close to each other yet what’s possible in one country doesn’t translate to the other.

FP: Your NTS show championed worldwide and local talents. Can you explain the importance of supporting young creatives through these communities?

STEPHANE: I remember when the Parliament tried banning drill, it got me thinking if you don’t offer alternatives + forbid artists from doing what they love, what else do you expect them to do? 

FP: Where has been your favorite city to do shows and why? + are there any cities you are yet to visit but would love to? 

STEPHANE: I have put on shows in London and Paris. Currently talking about doing it in more countries in Europe, and I guess Brazil would be special.

FP: With a variety of artists and genres on the show, Is there a place in the world you think we need to be paying closer attention to musically right now? 

STEPHANE: Everywhere! But I think our local scene is unbelievable, there is always new talent coming up in France.

FP: If you were a sneaker, what would you be and why?

STEPHANE: I’d say the 95s, mini swoosh, great colorways, solid shoes.

FP: Outside of your radio shows, are there any events people can catch you at for the rest of the year?

STEPHANE: We started the year with the first Goodplay party in January in Paris, with my good friends from Victory Lap. Scuti is releasing her next single “Comfy” March 13th as well. @goodpl.ay to see the next ones.

FP: Well, thank you for taking the time to chat Stephane, we look forward to seeing what you do for 2024 and beyond. Are there any final messages to readers before we go? 

STEPHANE: Catch me on NTS radio, one friday each month. Thank you for shouting me, it was a pleasure! Stream Scuti, stream tn_490’s

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