Inclusive Access 23 with OPEN BOOK

25.11.23 General

Already a year on from when we launched Inclusive Access ’22, we’re back for round two. Continuing in similar fashion, we’re on the mission to encourage and normalise conversations surrounding disabilities. It became wholesome occasion that brought to light many topics that were either misunderstood, unspoken or both. As we promised last year, this conversation will not stop there.

Staying true to our word, we introduce ia23. Our aim? To continue pushing the industry and community to become an even more inclusive space, a space for everyone. For this, we’ve once again teamed up with both OPEN BOOK and Two Times Elliott.

This years topic of choice is one very close to the Footpatrol team, sport. A frequent topic that came up last year, and with the Paralympic Games 2024 being hosted in Paris, we felt this was the perfect opportunity to widen this conversation. With an amazing series of panelists on hand to promote the conversation, we’d love for you to join us and join in. If you’d like to join us for another night to remember, please send your RSVP to We’ll get back to you as soon as possible confirming your attendance. Please note we will be limited in capacity and apologise in advance.

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