Frequent Players Guest Mix 046 | Daniel Young

30.11.23 Frequent Players

One thing we always say about Frequent Players is how we aren’t bound by any genre and that’s one thing we aim to stay true too. Gearing up to the end of ’23, one of our final Frequent Players Guest Mixes of the year continues that trend.

Last week, Daniel Young popped by the shop to pay us a visiting whilst over from Ireland and we made the most of this opportunity to deliver Guest Mix 46 and show him around some of the record shops that are on our doorstep. Catching up over a coffee, we learn more about where this passion for music and collectable things come from and how Balearic music is the way forward for his live shows and this latest mix.

Footpatrol: Yes Dan, thanks for joining us at Footpatrol for our latest Frequent Players Guest Mix. Let’s kick things off with probably the most important question, how are you?

Dan Young: I’m great thanks – always nice to pop over to London. So good to catch up with you guys and thanks so much for asking me to be involved. 

FP: I guess we should discuss music whilst we have you here… I always like to understand where your first memory of music comes from. I always find music is one of those things that can take you back to certain moments in your life, do you have a stand out memory growing up that kick started this love of music?

DY: If you ask my family, I’m sure they’ll tell you it was getting a copy of Seal – Kiss From a Rose (from Batman Forever – S/O Val Kilmer), but I’m not sure it’s been the driver for my interest! 

I wouldn’t say I grew up in a massively musical household but my mum did play a lot of Spanish guitar music – think Gypsy Kings – we’ve always kept it Balearic in East Belfast.

I went through different phases as everyone does, I loved the Kevin and Perry soundtrack and at some point, I’m pretty sure 50 Cent changed my life. During what I would call my formative years, I was playing football with an older crowd and they were putting me onto things like Unkle, Fabric mixes and streetwear. This was my gateway to going out, meeting new people and from it all I just got a real bug for music and I continued to find my way from there.

FP: Whilst we had you over in London, we made sure to take you to a couple of stores close by to Footpatrol. It’s great to see people still rifle through vinyls and it’s definitely picked back up in fashion in recent years but what is it for you that makes listening to vinyl so important?

DY: I’ve always been a collector of things, I like tangible stuff – I think it’s a personality thing. I love being able to revisit collections of things I have years later. It’s an opportunity rediscover inspiration.

With vinyl though, there’s something amazing about getting into a shop and rifling through the racks. Either looking for something obscure or simply how I’d choose a bottle of wine, a great sleeve. 

I wouldn’t call myself the most technical DJ either. I think for me what I enjoy about vinyl is more about the process of selecting and the sound of the tunes themselves. I do still play digital and I really enjoy it however, I just love the buzz of records, picking them out in the build-up to any sort of set and seeing how people respond on the day. For example, if your head is moving, I’m happy.

FP: Before delivering your mix, we relistened to your ‘Balearic Breezes to Melodic Explorations’ mix on your Mixcloud and noticed that genre was a common theme. What is it about this genre that’s got you hooked?

DY: Unfortunately I didn’t experience the whole Balearic beat phenomenon in Ibiza, but I just love everything about it. I love how some people have accidentally became Balearic icons. People like Chris Rea, Carly Simon and Marti Caine for example.

Also, if you try hard enough you can put anything under the Balearic umbrella. It’s that freedom and perspective that I love. I wouldn’t say this is the most Balearic selection I’ve put together but it feels on brand. For example, I always try to play some Dub and traditionally it’s not a staple in a Balearic set but I hope it’s what makes my selections a little bit different. I’ve been recommended so many songs by people that I probably didn’t think fitted into my rotation but have now become go-to’s.

I think Maccas (whose Frequent Players mix is also a cracker) mantra hits the nail on the head, “Balearic… but not too Balearic”.

FP: Aside from your mix, what’s five songs on your radar right now that our audience should check out?

DY: The mix was made up of a lot of new pickups, songs I forgot I owned and records I always pack when playing. Here’s five that I’ve recently picked up and have been featuring in the rotation.

Coyote – Lonely (Magic Wand)

Marcelle Moncrieffe – Take Me There (Athens of The North)

Deborah Glasgow – My Thing (Melodies International)

Moving Still – Sidi Mansour (Dark Disku)

Brian Auger – Night Train To Nowhere (THANK YOU)

FP: We see you DJing down at Sound Advice Records, seems like it has a great sense of community going on. How is the music scene out there in Ireland?

DY: Unbiased opinion incoming… The scene here in Ireland is incredible. There are lots of issues around licensing and spaces but what people do despite those challenges is really amazing.

I’m super lucky that Marion (owner of Sound Advice/Class DJ/Scene icon) has let me play records there a good few times. She’s been a massive supporter of me from the beginning and a big reason why I am where I’m at today. People like Marion are key to creating an inclusive environment to which everyone can feel a part of. Not just within Belfast but also further afield. 

Playing records has introduced me to people I’ve always respected. To name drop a few, Marion, JC (DJ/Booker at Bullitt Hotel and maybe the nicest man in Ireland) and Mark Reid (Head Honcho of Touch Sensitive Records) here in Belfast and my favourite DJ/producer Moving Still (who has released on labels like CWPT and has an incredible boiler room set) from Dublin. All of which I’d call pals now, which is great.

There are so many amazing DJs, producers, and club nights in both Belfast and Dublin and I’m in a lucky position to be based between them both. If anyone is ever in Belfast/Dublin, fancies a pint and a recommendation about what’s on – give me a shout!

FP: Where would you like to take your DJing? Can you see yourself performing more? We think you need to get on to NTS for a cheeky guest slot…!

DY: haha, I think anyone listening would spend the show trying to work out what I’m saying instead of what I’m playing. Stations like NTS are a huge inspiration to me and are probably more aligned with my process of DJing. I still love the club as a punter, but to DJ in, give me a record shop, studio or nice wine bar any day!

I always find it weird to think of myself doing more than I am currently, or even what I’ve done to date. I probably played my first solo set about two years ago, and since then I’ve been given some amazing opportunities. From warming up for Macca, Moving Still and being asked to record something for you guys, all of which are miles away from what I set out to do.

These last few years have been filled with some incredible moments. I’m really excited about what is to come next. I’m getting married in April and for our honeymoon, we’re heading to Japan so I’m hoping to try and play somewhere during the trip. That would be a real bucket list moment. 

FP: Having followed each other for what feels like decades now, I’ve always known you as someone who appreciates good design and music so it’s great to see you kickstart your ‘Iris Magazine Store’. Could you tell us a bit more about this venture? 

DY: I think Iris is the thing that has been the most natural in my life, probably because I get to run it with my fiance Aoife. Going back to my point about collecting things, Aoife is the same. We’ve both collected magazines for years (of all genres too) from Popeye, Gentlewomen, Disco Pogo and more. Iris was born out of a lack of access to what we love in Ireland, we wanted these magazines to be accessible to everyone and maybe introduce some of those titles to a new audience. It’s not really work for us, it’s something we’re both so passionate about. It also feeds our magazine habit.

FP: Well, thanks once again for taking the time to sit down with us and deliver your mix. We tend to leave this last question as an open one, a chance to let our audience know of anything you’ve got coming up or any words of wisdom that have helped your along the way so the floor is yours…!

DY: Nice one, thanks again for having me. I always wanted to start DJing before I did, and just didn’t feel confident enough so I think an important message for anything you feel unsure of, is to just go for it. You’ll find people are more supportive than you think. Other than that, keep an eye out on @irismagazinestore on Instagram for your magazine fix and @danielyoungfleh to see where you can catch me for some tunes and a pint of Guinness this Christmas.

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